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Monday, March 15, 2010

M.A.C. Spring Colour Forecast Launch + Swatches

Its here!! The Spring Colour Forecast Collection! I dont know about you, but im nuts about colour. Pink and orange = love. haha. The last time I liked so many things in one collection was Style Warrior. I wasn't going to check it out, but as i was scouring all the M.A.C counters for the Girl Boy Browset, I saw Mikee of M.A.C. Glorrietta. I asked when Spring Colour was coming out and he said they're having the launch/ demo on saturday and invited me and the rest of my class. So there, how could I resist not going?

Swatchesss!! <3

Please Right-click to view in full size :) I kinda
ran out of space on my hand while swatching haha.

Light Salmon Pink
Limited Edition

Midtone Pink
Limited Edition

"Hot Hot Hot"
Mid tone Coral
Limited Edition

Top, no base; Bottom, with Primer

Is looooove <3
A gradient of Oange, Peach and Pink swirled together light coral = yum

My swatches doesnt give it justice!! It was sold out on the
same day it was launched in Glorietta and Shangrila

The Spring Colour Forecast is going to be launched in MOA on the 21st and on the 19th in Rockwell. Better be there if you're eying the Ripe Peach Blush Ombre and hope that those counters dont do reservations, or else... *hi Caby* LOL


Caby said...


Sush said...

hahah so sorry :/ I didnt know it was going to be that crazy. I really shouldve asked odessa to get you one

Hollywood said...

Thank you for the swatches I could barely find them on the web!
I want me some ripe peach <3

Sush said...

Youre welcome, glad this post was of use hehe :) Ripe peach is so pretttttyyy

missmicchan said...

Great swatches, I especially love how the Blush Ombre looks..wow! I want one!!!

Btw, thanks a lot for stopping by my blog ^__^

Sush said...

Youre welcome dear!

thanks, yeah it is super pretty. another great product from this collection are the stacked thingies ( i cant remember what theyre called haha) I bet theyre sold out though


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