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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Artistic Makep Class #3: Contouring & Highlighting

I was so busy with ojt's that I almost forgot to confirm a model to come with me to class. Finally someone agreed abut stopped replying after a few minutes 0.0 Panic! Didn't know what to do when I got to class, so I did what I do best, put makeup on myself!! haha I got through the whole shebang when our wonderful and super awesome instructor, RB Chanco, arrived. Of course they told me I needed to find a model HAHA. Good thing there were some students who were having their ojt at LCI. So I grabbed one and asked if I could use her as a model for class.

So while everyone had an hour or more preparing their models, I had to re do the makeup I did on myself (or at least something like it) in about 15 minutes so I could catch up with the new lesson which was highlighting and contouring.

Jubee with no makeup =) Thanks for being a sport and
for agreeing to be my model for class

Interestingly enough, her face shape is Diamond which is kinda rare? So it was a challenge to contour to make the edges a bit more softer =)


- Controuring is applying a darker shade on to the areas where you want it to receed (big forehead, hello! haha, you can also use contouring to soften the edges such as in the jawline but you can also use contouring to make the edges or hollows of the face more pronounced such as the hollows of the cheeks right below the cheek bones).

- Highlighting is applying a lighter shade on areas to accentuate them (nose bridge, cheekbones, this helps make the area to look like its sticking out more).

-There are different techniques on where and how to contour but BLENDING IS KEY. Once you get the blending part, youre good to go. The lines cant be too harsh that you can actually see it and it cant be too washed out cause it would be pointless. haha.

Both her and I made up haha. Too bad I was pressed for time and didn't get to take more pictures, but here is Jubee and I after the class.

All dolled up and ready to go to UP for the
Live Aids Ojt and Jubee's OJT at LCI haha =)

You cant really see the contour on my "after" picture with Jubee much because of the yellow lights, but i also didnt make the contour too pronounced because I wanted her to enjoy the rest of her day with the makeup hehe. I know how makeup can quickly make you feel different or somewhat feel better when you wake up to a sucky morning or when youre lacking sleep and need to run errands the whole day. That is what I love about makeup! =)


CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

i want to go to makeup school too!!.hehe,when i visited suesh there were 2 CAS students who asked us,scratched asked they were like alluring us to be their model they said if we want to learn for free since we'll be able to hear the pointers as well..the place was far from our home,hassle pa ang travel hehe.pero i would like to if only di siya kalayuan..

Sush said...

Its super fun, you should have gone! hehe ganon nga ang pang lure to get models for class. I sually get people who are interested in makeup para win-win on both sides haha. sayang tapos narin class namin eh. where are you from ba? :)

Jing said...

ganda ng model na ah. yung kilay ang taray. i like it!

Sush said...

Thanks jing! :) hehe palagi ako sinasabihan my models eyebrows look exactly like mine. i think this picture is a proof of that haha medyo similar nga

Hollywood said...

I need to go to a makeup school to learn SYMMETRIC lool my contour is never the same on both cheeks ='(

Sush said...

Aww I should take a closer look on how I do mine then, for all I know it isnt symmetrical either haha


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