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Monday, March 15, 2010

Velvet's Tribute to the Oscars (Picture Heavy!!)

Velvet's Tribute to the Oscars is on its 2nd year. If you remember Diether Ocampo being turned into the Godfather last year, that was it! Part of our Makeup Class are OJT's and apprenticeships under one of the best Makeup Artists in the country, RB Chanco. We got to go to various editorial, billboard and other ad campaign shoots. One of the best ojt's ive had was the Oscars shoot. It was so much fun seeing everything all come together. I feel very honored and proud to have been somewhat a part of it.

After a few weeks, we went to Velvet's Event "Tribute to the Oscars" to support our Wonderful and Super beautiful Makeup Mentor, RB Chanco. Rb did the Makeup for Casablanca, West Side Story and Pulp Fiction. Casablanca won first prize in the competition! She also won Best Makeup/ Best Transformation for Casblanca. And Zanjoe won the bagay na bagay award (In Character Award) for Pulp Fiction!

This one is my favorite! =)

"Pulp Fiction"
feat Mariel Rodriguez & Zanjoe Marudo
Photography: Dix Perez
Styling: Charmaine Palermo
Makeup Artist: RB Chanco
Hairstyling and Make-up Assistance: Third Octavo

Winning Photo!

"Casablanca" (1944)
Winner of 3 Academy Awards
with 8 Nominations

Photographer: Ria Regino
Makeup Artist: RB Chanco
Stylist: Kat Cruz

Jericho Rosales as Rick Blaine
Maricar Reyes as Lisa Lund

"West Side Story" (1961)
Winner of 10 Academy Awards
wth 11 Nominations

Photographer: Jo-Ann Bitangcol
Makeup Artist: RB Chanco
Stylist: RCXY Bautista

Nikki Gil as Maria
Billy Crawford as Tony

More pictures from the shoot for the West Side Story Entry:

Please Right-Click on images to view in full size :D

Doing makeup for Lotus

Pegs :)


Retouch! hehe I look like a kid
next to her!

You think Makeup is all glitz and glam? think again! haha
Super tired but very fulfilled and happy. With classmates =)

Lotus and a very hagard version of myself. lol

With Nikki and Billy after the Shoot

Nikki, Billy and Gorgeous Rb
(I dont know how she does it, always pretty and fresh looking!)

The Team :)

Still want more pictures? Here are a few more of the Photos in the Exhibit:

Titanic (1998)

Winner of 11 Academy Awards
wth 14 Nominations

Photographer: Pat DY
Makeup Artist: Grace Deang
Stylist: Lotho Lotho

Erich Gonzales as Rose
Enchong Dee as Jack

"Bonnie and Clyde (1967)"
Winner of 2 Academy Awards
with 10 nominations

Photgrapher: Kai Huang
Makeup Artist: Angie Cruz
Stylist: Myrrh Lao To

Shaina Magdayao as Bonnie Parker
Peter Nordell as Clyde Barrow

"Brokeback Mountain
Winner of 3 Academy Awards
with 8 Nominations

Photographer: Wesley Villarica
Makeup Artist: Mela De Luna
Stylist: Jake Galvez

Isabelle Daza as Ennis Del Mar
Bea Soriano as Jack Twist

The Photos from the exhibit/competition are on disaply from March 13- 20 at Eastwood Mall in Libis =)


Jing said...

that looks like a very fun and memorable experience mau!

Myrrh LaoTo said...

thanks for posting the photos and the credits :)

Sush said...

Jing it was super! hehe :)

Myrrh,you are most welcome. Congratulations for winning silver for Bonnie and Clyde, loved that entry too! :)


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