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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


If you've noticed, my playlist is kind of a mess. Its a mix of everything. And believe me when I say i've condensed that list! I put it on shuffle so its a surprise everytime I check out my blog haha.

I love how music brings me to all sorts of places, thats what it does to me. It evokes such a strong feeling that it brings me to the past and allows me to even feel what I was feeling a few years back. Ahhh, nostalgia :)

I pretty much listen to anything except country and heavy metal haha. I have a tendency to obsess on certain things and music is no exception. If I like a song, it will be on repeat for days and days until I get sick of it. Right now its mostly eheads and Franco Reyes' cast away. When I get tired of them, I move on to the next but usually go back to old favorites.

My current playlist contains songs by:

Amy Winehouse and Esthero

I love love these two girls. Anything by Esthero and Amy's album, Frank. When I first heard their songs, I remember thinking "oh wow, badass." They sing about things that are usually considered taboo and thats why I love them. And I like that they both have their own style. Im quite sick of hearing songs that all sound like theyre from one artist. I was so amazed by Amy, I think she was about 17 or 19 when she came out with Frank. I wished I could sing and write songs like her. (yeah I dream big! haha) So I have to thank Dom for introducing me to Amy.

Eraserheads and No Doubt

Their songs bring me back to the 90's! Although I was quite young when most of their songs came out. I remember when almost always, it was being played on radio stations. I like that the eheads songs sound "carefree" to me. I wish I was a 90's kid ( I think i belong more to the y2k generation ek ek lol) Just makes me so happy listening to their songs. When I think No doubt, I think girl power haha for some weird reason. I think its mostly because I think of Gwen as such a strong figure in the music industry. Oooh Oasis I love too because they make me feel like im in the 90's. I seriously think ive missed out on the fun during the 90's. darnit!


During a time when I thought it was impossible for me to like rock/alternative whatev you call it, they made me change my mind. I have to thank my brother for influencing me to listen to them. Again with the strong feelings, though no memory in particular their songs make me feel a certain way. idk.

Incubus and Franco Reyes

(Swoon! lol)

I will talk about them together because if youve read one of my previous post. I heard about Franco Reyes through a friend and he asked me what band I listen to and yadah yadah (its down there lol).
You can listen to Franco Reyes' music over here: Franco Reyes

Music is so relateable, no matter what song it is you find a line that makes you think "oh theyre singing about me!". HAHA. Except maybe Steely Dan! haha I love them but I so cannot relate to their songs. It just makes me happy listening to them and reminds me of running around bf doing errands and basically hanging out with my Dad. So thanks Dad!

The other songs on my playlist that are new, are just crap haha no pun intended. I wont even say which ones, but im sure you'll figure it out. I do admit that well, theyre there because I like them. But give me about 2 more months and i'll probably get over them. Just like the new stuff that are being played on the radio. Yeah, theyre good for when youre in the clubs, theyre catchy but theyre basically crap. Nothing good ever comes out anymore, theyre all the same.

But the stuff I listen to are usually just shuffled around, so im re-educating myself.

Staying on track, a couple of years ago ( I dont remember if it was last year or 2 years ago) I got an opportunity to help out on a video. Its nothing big really, I just made the Carousel. No, I didnt make it I just "colored" it haha sort of designed and colored it. Well, but no matter how small that part was, its something to be proud of. I remember I was on hospital duty and was doing this instead haha. You'll see the carousel in the first few seconds of the video. :)

Please Watch in HQ. (I do not own this video and no copyright infringement is intended).

Im going to switch up my playlist when I get tired of the songs there. I have so many songs that I want to include, but I want all of them to be heard so I'll leave it at that for now.


Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

brandon boyd!!! *sigh*

Sush said...

sexxaaay! haha

Anonymous said...

i love this entry! hehe i love amy and urbandub too! must check out her frank album hehe ang meron lang ako yung isa. hay naku i must orient you to the awesomeness of minus the bear, up dharma down, rachael yamagata, stars, and plenty others!!! hehe will burn you an mp3 cd i promise

Anonymous said...

this is fetz btw haha i forgot anonymous poster pala ako hahaha

Sush said...

Thank you Fetz! you should! ang ganda nung first album ni amy :) yes you must! you must! haha yehey! thank you! :)


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