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Friday, April 30, 2010

Makeup Storage: Lipsticks

My traincase has been getting a little too cramped lately. And its a hassle to bring more bags with me whenever I do makeup, so I decided to depot my lipsticks. Inspired by a friends lipstick palette, I headed to National Bookstore to look for the "paint palettes". Little did I know that the container had actual watercolors in them!

See! It even comes with those scratchy brushes haha

Decided to get them since the watercolors
are non toxic. Costs P41.75 each at National Bookstore

How to get rid of the watercolors:
- If you dont like wasting stuff, have a kid play with it first haha
- You can put water and scrub it out with the brush BUT that will leave stains on the container (thats what I did and im so regretting it)
- The BEST way is to put water and let it soak, leave for about 6-8 hours or longer if you have the patience (haha) the watercolor will come out of the wells more easily.

Chop up your lipstick with a spatula and put them in the container. You can even melt the lipstick before putting them into the wells if youre OC like that haha. Here are my lipstick palettes after the whole process:

- Saves space
- No need to worry if you are missing a lipstick while packing up (esp. if you have tons)
- You can easily see the shades and which one you want to use

- Make sure you use a clean lip brush everytime you dip into the wells, you dont want it to be a well of bacteria! lol
- Not for those who dont have the heart to chop their lipsticks (it was very sad for me haha)


Taj Acosta said...

Great Idea and yes it would be very hard to cut up the lispstick! xoxo

Sush said...

Yeah especially the new ones eeep haha =)

RHiiAN said...

yeah, it will be very hard for me to do this but awesome idea :)

Y said...

niiice! i actually do this too! except I use the small 5 gram jars that sellers give mineral makeup in.

NeuroChiq said...

I actually do this, but only for older lipsticks that's almost done. I scoop out everything and place them in pill boxes. =) I don't think I can do this for new ones, though! Di ko yata kaya. =)

Khymm said...

i dont have the heart to chop off my lipsticks! this is also what my makeup teacher advised me LOL.. nice idea, thanks for sharing =)

Sush said...

Rhiian, thank you haha yeah

Y, ooh yeah i think that would be handy when you need to use the lipstick yourself too. I wouldnt want to be out and about bringing my palette for touch up :/ so i didnt murder my lipsticks completely chopped most in half haha

Dhang,haha yeah its a bit heartbreaking. I did it for my newly back to mac'ed twig. I was sad for about 2 minutes but then i got over it haha

Khymm,hehe thanks. I had some that were broken and were about to fall off so it was good timing when I decided to murder them haha

Janel "GiLiNG" said...

Great idea! Like many ladies that commented before me, I wouldn't have the heart to chop my lippies. And I don't have that many anyway =]. I think you did a great job :D

- ♥ Janel [blog]

Crystal said...

i don't have the heart to chop up my lipsticks too that's why i carry around my lipsticks instead. but i really should depot them. haha!


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