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Saturday, April 3, 2010

4u2 Gemtone Quad: Moonstone

As promised in my previous post, im going to do a review on the 4u2 quad I used for the semi smokey i did for my finals. 4u2 is a brand of makeup that can be found in SM Department stores or at Watsons. Ive always noticed the stalls, because of the colors, but ive never taken a closer look at the products. One day, I was strolling around the mall looking for things I needed for school, I chanced upon a stall and decided to swatch some of the eye shadows, since I saw some of my classmates with a few eyeshadows from U2. I immediately was drawn to this palette!

4u2 Gemtone Quad in Moonstone

It broke :/ I dont know how that happened

Swatches!! (Left to right: top 2 and bottom 2)

Rich, yummy colors!

I was drawn to the colors. Yes I know I have a ton of neutrals, but the colors looked so rich and vibrant I couldnt say no. The pictures do not give it justice! All the shades have a hint of pink to it making it extra extra warm haha. It just had my name written all over it!

Why you should buy it:
- It's available locally (Philippines)
- It's relatively cheap compared to high end brands. Im not quite sure how much I got this for, I think its around 300-400 pesos. (4 shades for half the price of a MAC eyeshadow!)
- The colors are rich and beautiful! And great color payoff! Hardly any fall out
- The shades are to die for (I know ive said that already but it really is pretty haha).
- Theyre all shimmers which is new, I rarely like anything thats shimmery. But despite it being shimmery the color payoff is good no need to use a matte base if youre using this as a lid color.

What you should consider:
- Im very careful with my things. If youve seen my traincase, you will know that the bottom compartment even has bubble wrap haha. I have dropped my traincase once, and nothing broke thank goodness! this palette, however, broke, for no apprent reason. I dont know how that happened, I just opened it and saw one of the e/s broken. My friend had already told me that this particular brand tends to crack or break easily.
- If you avoid makeup with parabens and talc, this isnt for you!
- The expiration date irks me, I bought this not more than a month ago. And the expiration date is on 041010 (April 10, 2010?) thats a few days from now! I didnt see that when I purchased it. Make sure you check the expiration date before you purchase!

Overall, I really love this quad. Wil definitely go back and check the other shades that they have. They have a ton! I just liked the quads better than the eyeshadow duos, saves space on my already cramp traincase.

Happy Easter! =)


Crystal said...

i agree. 4U2 has good e/s for its price :)

Sush said...

Thanks for commenting Crystal! :) Glad decided to try them out

Carine said...

I like how shimmery they are !

Sush said...

shimmery and very pigmented :) I love these e/s

Askmewhats said...

I have used 4U2 and they have great makeup! But it irks me to know that your e/s will expire this month!

Sush said...

I know :/ I hope the rest of the makeup theyre selling arent about to expire as well :/

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Very nice warm eye shadow palette!

Anonymous said...

The SA of 4U2 also gave me a gemtone quad that was about to expire. Good thing I noticed it before I left the mall so I had it replaced.

Nada said...

OMG. My 4u2 makeup breaks easily just like yours. I feel so upset about broken makeup. :(


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