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Friday, April 30, 2010

He wants YOU!

To follow him on twitter! hehehe

Follow upcoming actor and super hot Brazilian/Japanese Model on twitter: Fabio_Ide
Was with him on a shoot the other day and he just got the 411 on twitter from Caby and our makeup guru RB Chanco haha

A photo with Fabio and
RB c/o Caby from our shoot the other day =)

Some photos from our shoot from februaury:

Did makeup for Daniella
(the one next to Daniel Matsunaga) hehe

Daniella and Fabio

Daniella and Daniel Matsunaga


Gabriella and Daniella

Some behind the scene pictures ofcourse (gotta love those, esp. these hahaha)

Wee! the wolf pack boys! haha

with Daniel Matsunaga, I know I
look ewwie here but what the hey LOL

working =)

Have a great weekend everyone! And dont forget to join my MAKEOVER GIVEAWAY =)

Click on the image to join!


Camille(SHOBE) said...

maui-parang yung partner naman siya ni barbie si ken ba yun..his face looks like it was carved..madaya..hahah

Sush said...

diba? He's very ken like! haha ang galing, thats exactly what we thought din hahaha

Ida said...

They really look like they belong in the wolf pack. Look at those abs. Whew!

Sush said...

haha yeah, if jacob and the rest of the wolves looked like these guys im so moving to TEAM JACOB! haha

Khymm said...

ang swerte mo naman sis! hehe..

good job ang galing nyo magmakeup =)

Sush said...

Hi khymm, super swerte hehe aww thank you! :)

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

OMG!!!!! The boys looks really pretty ^_^

Maui (Suushh) said...

Hey Becky yeah its embarassing to be right next to boys who are a lot prettier than I am hahaha

Pammy said...

Their abs are so ho... nevermind. :P

I'd probably feel like a little girl so embarrassed to be in between those 2 boys from the wolf pack. :P

You did a great job on the make up. :)


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