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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Finals/Portfolio: Icon

Hello! Im posting about another look I did for my finals/portfolio. On one of our classes, we were asked to suggest a them for the avant garde and a beauty icon. Our professor, RB Chanco, announced which one she chose on the day of our finals. For the Icon, we were tasked to do a look inspired by Twiggy

This was simpler than the other looks. The base and prepping is the same with the Prime/ No Makeup Look. The only difference is the eye makeup. Twiggy was really known for the exagerrated and drawn lower lashes. I used MAC Gesso for the lid and Carbon for the crease. Applied NYX JUmbo pencil in Milk for the lower lashine. I tried putting on falsies on the lower lashline but didnt like it too much so I just drew the lower lashes.


Crystal said...

i love this maui!

Sush said...

AW thank you Crystal!! :)

donnarence said...

nicely done.. i love the concept and how you cleanly and precisely did the eye makeup.. perfect.

Sush said...

Thank you Donna. Theres a slight bit of an error on the inner corners, I didnt see that :/ but thank you! :)


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