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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just sharing a photo from a shoot I did with a friend last year. I think this was one of the major reasons I really got into makeup, as I kept on researching what type of foundation or makeup would look best on photographs. Pardon the vanity, but I really would like to look good on the photos haha.

Photographer: Boiboi Alavaren
taken at Half Moon Ba, CA.

This was when my love story began with RCMA. Ive been using it since and even chose it over cinema secrets because of the matte finish. RCMA really photographs well, and saves me time since I dont have to conceal after because its super pigmented. Another thing I love about RCMA is you dont need a lot of product and stays put for hours especially with the help of their invisible setting powder. I have yet to find a foundation that works better than RCMA.

Anyway, thats it! =)


~tHiAmErE~ said...

you look great,sis~!

i haven't heard of RCMA yet..i should look into that na din. thanks for the nice recommendation.

The NeuroChiq said...

Nice shot! And you're skin is flawless, Maui =)

Anonymous said...


CHARRY said...

love this pic! very sexy! :)

Sush said...

Thiamere: Thank you! You should, it really photographs well =)

Dhang: thank you :)

MW: thanks!

Charry: thank you :)


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