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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick Post: FOTD

Havent posted an FOTD for a while now, heres something I did a few weeks back. Inspired by the Telephone video by Lady Gaga and Beyonce (really liked Beyonce's yellow e/s). Forgot to take a picture of just the eyes though.

Wind blown effect lol. Had to keep the fan
on me to prevent my face from melting haha

Weird hair hayy so hard to grow it out. haha

What I used:

RCMA + VOV Foundation
RCMA Invisible Seting powder
MAC Ombre blush in Ripe Peach
Fanny Serrano Eyebrow Powder
MAC eyeshadow in Chrome yellow, Amber Lights, Woodwinked and Femme-Fi
In2it Gel Liner in Black
Lancome Hypnose mascara
The Face Shop Lashes


Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Very pretty & natural looking. Yellow looks great on you


Dina (XYYan) said...

you look so pretty here! :)

Anonymous said...

u look really pretty =)
yeah i was in love with B yellow shadow too
xx mw

Pammy said...

I love how you contoured your face. You look really pretty, I agree. :P

Askmewhats said...

It was nice to meet you Maui! :) hope to see you around pretty girl!

Ida said...

Looks great :) Summery and simple, but very sexy. Do you contour your cheeks? I'd love to be able to do my cheeks like that, mine are getting chubby eh, hehe.

Sush said...

Kim: Thank you =) I love yellow!

Dina: aw thank you! hehe

MW: thanks, ill prolly try to do an eotd that looks more like it next time hehe

Pammy: thank you! :)

Nikki: Aww it was so nice to meet you too! I was a tad bit shy to make chika though, hopefully next time heheeh

Ida: thank you! yes I do, my face has been starting to look a bit round lately haha. I must say, it does work hehe

aestheticallysavvy said...

ikaw na talaga ang winged eyeliner goddess ng LCI Wave 22!!

naturalnchicmakeup said...

I really like your hair. Reminds me a lot of Kristin Kreuk. Thanks for sharing!

Jimin said...

love the look! you're also sooo lucky to have such a flawless gorgeous jawline (or face frame?) to pull off that haircut! sooo jealous haha


glitteryeyesxx said...

Wow! You look flawless. I love your lil' smirk here :)

How the heck do you get your eyebrows so PERFECT? I'm not sure if you have already, but could please do a tutorial on how you achieve/maintain your eyebrows? I'm still trying to learn how to do mine, lol.

Khymm said...

love the yellow eyeshadow on you! you're makeup looks so natural..

Sush said...

Thank you Carl haha =)

naturalnchicmakeup: Thank you, wow! haha =)

Jimin: thank you! It often looks very messy and I have no patience fixing it cause it gets so messy as soon as I go out haha

glittereyesxx: Aw thank you! its as if you read my mind, im posting something about eyebrows in a few hehe just a few things ive picked up on lately thanks for visiting!

Khymm: thank you! too bad i forgot to take a picture of just the eyes, but thank you =)


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