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Friday, May 7, 2010

Cast your vote! + Blog your vote Contest!

Just a few more days til the election! have you made your list? Im almost done with mine :) Election fever in Manila!

A few guidelines for the upcoming elections (info is from chuvaness)

1. The ballot is very sensitive to marks, ink, water, stains, scratches, folds, sweat, etc. If, say, you have grime on your hands, or your fingers are wet, or your sweat drops onto the ballot, the PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) unit will not read it. Keep your hands very clean before voting. That is why indelible ink will be applied on your finger after you have voted, and not before. This is why you will be given your ballot in a very expensive folder—to lessen the actual handling of the ballot with your hands.

2. Shade FULLY the egg-shaped hole beside your chosen candidate. You will be provided with a marker.
Do NOT check, line, X, dot, or half-shade the oval, because the PCOS unit will not read wrong shading. Try not to write beyond the oval.

3. There will be a barcode on the ballot. If this is marked in any way or scratched, the ballot will be spoiled.
If anyone handles the ballot, watch them well, in case they scratch the barcode to spoil your ballot.

4. You will have four tries to put your ballot through the PCOS unit. You can insert it forward, backward, front side up, back side up, whichever, but only four tries. If after the fourth it doesn’t read properly, say goodbye to the ballot.

5. You have one chance to have your ballot changed if you don’t like it. That’s when they first hand it to you. Inspect it right away. If you see folds, scratches or marks, you can ask for another one.

6. Bring a list (codigo) of your chosen candidates so you won’t spend too much time filling out the ballot. If you start weighing your choices only at the precinct, you'll be wasting time.

7. Mark no more than the exact number of choices. Vote for only one president, one vice president, not more than 12 senators, one party-list, one mayor, one vice mayor, one member of the House of Representatives, etc. The limit will be indicated on your ballot (as in “Vote for not more than __”). If you vote more than the specified number, that portion of the ballot is invalidated.
You may, however, vote for fewer than 12 senators.

8. Watch the readout on the PCOS unit when you insert your ballot. If successful, it will read, “Congratulations! Your ballot has been scanned.” If not, it will say why (i.e. "improper shading,” etc.). Make sure you read “Congratulations” before exiting to make sure your vote is counted.

9. Bring an ID (Voter’s ID is best. But if you don’t have one, present a driver’s license, passport, etc., any valid ID with your address and preferably a photo) to the Board of Election Inspectors.
If you can find out beforehand through your barangay, get your Voter’s ID number, precinct number, and your sequence number (the number beside your name on the list). This should speed up your voting.

10. If you have Internet connection, visit today the Commission on Elections website and click here to find out if you are registered, what your precinct number is, and its location.

11. The ballot given to you will only be readable by one specific PCOS unit. It is pre-registered at your precinct, so when you’re ready, line up at the proper machine. If you line up at the wrong machine; your ballot won’t be read, and that may spoil your vote.

12. Polls open on May 10 at 7 AM and voting ends at 6 PM. Come early to have time to solve any problem.

13. The PCOS units have internal batteries that can last up to 16 hours in case of power outages. Since the voting period lasts 10 hours, there would be a six-hour buffer.

14. The PCOS unit will print out the vote count in what looks like a very long cash register receipt (whose print will last for five years), which will be put into a sealed box and sent to the Comelec.
The unit will count the voters based on the ballots inserted into it.
Watch the screen for important messages.

15. It is stressed that voters should not make mistakes. Do NOT make mistakes, otherwise, you’ll spoil your ballot.

I can't stress this enough, PLEASE VOTE WISELY! What's a few hours of researching more on the candidates, please dont base your votes on silly things. The people in government are a reflection of the kind of people in the country. Please dont sabotage my future! haha. im serious. Please dont!

A peek at this will tell you who among the candidates are more qualified than uhm you know who or rather WHO is more qualified than the rest. haha. I know I havent been nice to the yellow brigade, please dont hate. Peace =)

Why vote for the 6th biggest spender in the senate when has (0), as in ZERO laws passed? As if it isnt enough that the peoples money is wasted on people who do nothing, but people want him to be president? Please think! this is simple logic.


But on a lighter note, Hair in Manila is hosting a contest entitled BLOG YOUR VOTE

ONE person will win an exclusive complete Kérastase minis set!

To win this, just e-mail a photo of yourself at hairinmanila@gmail.com that shows how you participated during the May 10 Elections. Whether you voted (show that indelible ink!), volunteered as a poll-watcher, counted votes, or any other way possible, send your entries in! Please include a short description of what you did on May 10 with your photo entry.

TWO people will win hair care products from Pureology and L’Oreal Professionnel! One will win a shampoo and conditioner from Pureology, and another will win a shampoo and masque from L’oreal Professionnel’s Serie Nature line.

To be one of the two winners:

1. Spread the word! Write about this contest in your Facebook wall/blog/Multiply/Myspace/Twitter/Tumblr/Plurk/etc.

2. Make sure to link your post to this post’s comments section. Please include the URL in your comment for me to check.

To join, please follow this link Hair in Manila: BLOG YOUR VOTE Contest



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