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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tales from Africa

I don't know where to begin when i think about the roller coaster ride my life has been the last few days haha. But I'm grateful and super thankful for all the opportunities and learning experiences. Gah! Sometimes, I feel like im dreaming and when I get home after work I contemplate whether what had happened earlier in the day was just part of my dream haha.

But anyway, this is a short post just wanted to share a few photos from a shoot I did last weekend. Had a chance to work with Jamie too bad I didnt get to take a photo with her haha. She did the makeup for the other model for Top Picks Clothing's Tales from Africa Shoot.

Right-click on images to view in full size :D

Model: Mariann Ong
Photographers: Carwei Angeles, Lester Sy, Dominic Bautista
Hair and Makeup: Maui Manalo
Styled by: TopPicks

More photos are posted on my online portfolio, http://mmaui.multiply.com. The clothes are all available at http://toppicks.multiply.com

Have a great weekend! =)



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