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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Something different for a change...

To numb my brain from the election news and partial results last night, I decided to paint my nails instead. I always say that I suck at nail painting, well thats still true but that doesnt stop me from trying haha. The last successful try was months and months ago which was the Water Marbling. I've never been able to do it again btw, haha I think its because of the quality of the nail polishes that i've been using though.

Anyway here is a photo of what I did to my nails haha. A mess of white and blue. Blue to represent calmness and the messy strokes for the chaos in my head haha.

I should really work on my nail
painting skills I always paint the sides haha

please ignore the messy edges lol

What I used:
Bobbie Base Coat
Bobbie Pure White
Caronia Goddess
Claire's Matte Nail Polish in Neon Sky


Elsa said...

I Love blue.... cuteness!!!

BTW i tried water marbling and its a big failure....

Maui (Suushh) said...

thanks elsa! yeah me too havent been able to o it again. I will try with better quality nail polishes next time though, might be able to make it work again hehe


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