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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hot hot hot!

Im not referring to the weather, but yes it's definitely a hot hot hot day! 93 F! gahh! The air is so heavy, I feel like a pancake wrapped in butter with syrup! yuck! I just got out of the shower, and i want to shower again hahah. I probably will in a few.

But back to my entry, Hot hot hot is an eyeshadow from M.A.C.'s Spring Colour Forecast. Its a lovely shade but one of those will I ever get to use this kind of eye shadow. But im a fan of color, and I like combining unusual shades together. The moment I saw and swatched Hot hot hot I knew we were meant to be...hahah.

I actually like the shade on the lids alone, but I tried to use it with other colors the other day and i liked it! But forgot to take a picture so i'm redoing it now to share with everyone here hehe

Please right-click on image to view in full size :D

Taken in different settings (natural light, with flash, no flash. I
cant remember which is which haha)
Pardon the crappy eyeliner job and the
crazy lashes was trying some of the mascaras in my stash that I havent used.

Mid tone Coral Satin Limited Edition


What I used and how I did it:

M.A.C. Hot hot hot - applied on the lid blended towards the crease
M.A.C Expensive Pink - applied on the hollows and blended towards crease and browbone
M.AC. Charcoal Brown - applied on crease and blended
M.A.C Embark - applied on outer V blended towards mid of the crease

  • Lined inner lower lashline with expensive pink, mid lower lashline with hot hot hot and blended towards expensive pink, embark on outer lower lashline blended towards hot hot hot
  • Lined lower waterline midway and upper lashline with in2it gel liner
  • Curl lashes, applied mascara (dont forget the lower lashes!) and voila.

Hope you like it! Now time to shower! haha =)

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Carine said...

I like how you used it: it doesn't look Barbie-like :p

Maui (Suushh) said...

Thank you Carine =)

Taj Acosta said...

It looks so much better on you than in the pot! Very pretty! xoxo

NeuroChiq said...

It's not very attractive in the pot & swatch, but you sure did a great job! It looks great! Just shows how talented you are! =)

Maui (Suushh) said...

Thank you Taj! I love hot hot hot, such a pretty vibrant shade

Maui (Suushh) said...

Hi Dang, aw so sweet of you to say that. Thank you =)


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