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Sunday, May 23, 2010


This collection is devoted to energetic, powerful women who blossom like a desert flower. Feeling the sunlight and the vast energy of the land. Paul and Joes has lined up colors full of life to develop items specifically for summer!

Here is a preview of the Gorgeous shades of Lip Glosses that are coming out!

01 Secret of Gold; A champagne gold that radiates a deep glow

02 Sherbet; A cute and sweet pale pink

03 Naked; A natural feminine rose beige

04 Blossom; a pretty and bright rose pink

05 Mon Cherie; a cute and sexy hot pink

06 Sheer Bliss; A coral orange bubbling with happiness

07 Tangerine; A moisturized juicy clear orange

08 Marachino; a deep cherry red

09 Antiquity; A mature gorgeous looking copper brown

10 Glace; clear gloss

Paul and Joe's Lip gloss promises plump shiny lips with vibrant color and lasting shine! The smooth touch of the gloss fits lips perfectly and adds volume. The highly transparent color gives a luscious, shiny look and has a fruity fragrance and taste.

Active Ingredients:

Orange Flower Water - Moisturizer

White lily extract - Moisturizer/ Prevent Skin Irritation

Apricot Oil, Olive Oil and Amino Acid phytosterol derivative -Emollient

The new and improved forumula allows the gloss to adhere better making the gloss last longer on your lips. And the thick finish allows light to reflected for a gorgeous shine!



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