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Friday, May 7, 2010

Healthier hair in 10 days?

Do you have damaged hair? Damaged hair can be caused by a lot of things. Bleaching, straightening, perms, and poor quality dyes are main causes. With summer around, our tresses are even more prone to damage due to sun exposure.

When I saw Nikki of askmewhats.com post about the free sample that Sunsilk was giving away, I immediately texted wanting to try their Damage Repair Line. That was over 2 or 3 months ago, and they didn't contact me and so i forgot all about it. But about two weeks ago, I found a curious looking orange box on our living room table and surprise, surprise..It was the Sunsilk Damage Repair Sample!

Sunsilk Damage Repair
Olive Serum Nutri Complex
co -created with Thomas Taw

What it says:
Sunsilk has teamed up with Bobsoho Salon of London, founded by Thomas Taw, famous for resuscitating damaged hair, to co-create Sunsilk's Damage Repair formulation to give back extreme smoothness and health to your damaged hair. Offer your hair our exzlusive 10 day resconstruction program with Sunsilk Damage REpair shampoo, conditioner and serum

Gone were the days when I had frizzy unmanageable hair. But ever since I cut my hair short, I've been using the blow dryer excessively. Whenever I ran my fingers through my hair, my fingers would get stuck. I knew my hair needed a little more TLC so I decided to try this.

What I like about it:
- I love the scent, I love shampoos that leave your hair smelling yummy.
- With just one use, my hair was softer and tangle free
- Ive noticed a big change in my hair after using this.

What I don't like about it:
- The sample kit didnt contain the serum but that was okay because the shampoo and conditioner alone left my hair flat. While others may benefit from this (those with thick and frizzy hair), I have thin strands and flat hair does not frame my face very well.

I do like this shampoo but only use it on days when I know I will just stay at home. I cant stand looking like an egg with flat hair haha.

To get more info, please check HAIR EXPERTS


Wilsonxmct(Wilson Chin Chee Vui) said...

well yes. This Sunsilk are better than it was before co created with profesionals. IN my oppinion, and Budget tights, I prefer Sunsilk Over Loreal. Reason? well Loreal Paris are product of Paris(or some sort of) thus, more $$$ to spend on. I Use Loreal 5 problem 1 solution course. and result? well you can say that i didn't get the result that i expected to see. and after all i spend almost like MYR150.00 still no good. then I was wonderaround in my local Super Market and I saw this Sunsilk Treament with Hair Damage REconstruction properties. i first bought the protector and the treatment of it. and teh result are really clearly see. even on my first time use, on the treament and the Protection lotion, the result are there. now looking back, I used Sunsilk for 2 months and after bleaching my hair more recently, i need only like 2-3 time treatment and full course. As for treatment, I used like 2 times a week or whenever i want to. and I test it when, I actually lazzy to bath. ANd before i use Sulsilk, My hair cannot stand 1 day unwash with Loreal. But With Sunsilk My hair can take 3 full days unwash, only reapply the protection Lotion. and This morning i bought the Serum myself and had it a test, and the result are off the wall! I was spechless. Overall, from Price, I think 150.00 I can getmyself full protection againts teh enviorement and the serum can be apply whenever you need to.


in my oppinion, the smells are really kind of funny, I mean Olive oil ehh... its really nice ingridents to put it as for teh smell I can even use it and carry them with me every where. THe only lacking was the Serum itself, I mean like Loreal, Loreal's Serum are come with cap so when you use it and the spilling wount get onto something else. I'm gonna recomend it to all my friend who face with Hair issues and in tight budget. this product are best to use. No chemicals involve, all natural smell, and I can lick that product with my tounge xD


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