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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Be Happy Jolibee

I know the title does not make sense. lol

Photo Credits: Flickr

Important Mental Note: "If you want something done, do it yourself."

I dont know how I feel about this birthday thing haha. Nonchalant perhaps. I dont feel like celebrating. Obviously still in my BLAH mood. doesn't help that the weather sucks and I dont sleep like a normal person. Cant I at least have a good sleep tonight? I seriously need to move more. I feel slushy 0.0

UPDATE: August 8

If you've been bloghopping, im sure youve come across the juicy poster above! haha Ponds big beauty sale happening on August 15-September 15 only. Watson's Stores are having a pre sale on August 14. To check the items that are going to be on sale click this link: PONDS

I think there are too many whitening (ekek) products in their line. Nothing against people who like those, I just personally think its ridic. I love my color hehe. But I am eyeing that Microdermabrasion kit. Its originally almost 1300 and during the sale it will be P389.00! how insane is that. Not quite sure if its any good though. Have any of you tried it? I think its a dupe of the one from Olay. I have not tried the one from Olay long enough to see if there were any changes in my skin but I love how it made my face feel soft after.

I know i said I didnt intend on celbrating my birthday. But Michie kept on asking what my plans were and lo and behold I found myself in Tides with a bunch of good friends. For years, I usually spent my birthday with 3 people: Philip, my brother and Kathy haha. We never planned anything, but on my birthday we would find ourselves together haha. So this year was kind of a change since the 3 were there and so were other people haha. Major thanks to those who came! I know yall are tired from work haha but thank thanks! :) And for those I didnt get to invite sorry, it was a spur of the moment thing. Those who didnt come, can suck my toes! lol. Ohh and thanks mom for the flowers and for the gift. And dad too! hehe thank you! thank you! Also to those who sent birthday greetings and well wishes. Thanks for making my birthday a whole lot better! :D

hehe kinda messy looking. took this pic when I got home.

My Go to smokey eye:
M.A.C. Era - base
M.A.C. Charcoal Brown - crease
M.A.C. Carbon - lined entire lid and "smoked"/blended upwards
M.A.C. Vanila Brow area
White vein in M.A.C. Perfect Topping MSF to highlight
M.A.C. Nylon inner corner of the eye

Told you, I have no idea how to smile. lol. My Right brow looks divine haha Ive been struggling "drawing" them using a regular eye primer and M.A.C.'s charcoal brown eye shadow after running out of the lingering eye brow pencil (heave sent brow pencil!!- but more onthat next time hehe.)

What I used:
Cinema Secrets kit #2 - dark eye cricles, blemishes
RCMA invisible Setting Powder
M.A.C. Studio Fix NC40
Prestige in Soft Spice Highlight
M.A.C. Shadester Contour
( I actually forgot and skipped the rcma stuff, I was in a hurry haha)

Day after: Had Dinner? at rai rai ken. All the other jap restaurants in BF were closed! boo! hung out with Michie in Pergola then went to starbucks with Phil.

Super California Maki? and Crunchy Salmon rolls? I cant remember what theyre called haha I loved the crunchy salmon roll thingies though

Banofee pie (yumm) and Java Chip Frap. Phil had his "boring" Classic Chocolate Cake and Mocha Frap

After seeing how "cute" the sushi were I decided to get a bento meal. I didnt take a picture of what we had - it was a lot! men im stuffed! haha.


Katrina is a Princess said...

Hey girl! Thanks for following! I am following you as well, you are stunningly beautiful! Your face is flawless!

jC said...

haha.. the Pond's promo thingy.. not buying it.. im not really "hiyang" with that particular product line.. it always had agitations on my skin.. argh! =P

quite suprised here.. the microdermabration product kit they have was cut-off from the price of 1k to only 300 bucks?! woah.. just make sure it would meet all the expectations you may have.. ; )

cabyness said...

Girl i was thinking since it's only 300 na i might as well try it. And let me know when you want to eat japanese near my place. I'm up for some good sashimi.

N. said...

i still think ponds doesnt work :(

Sush said...

@Katrina: you are too kind!! but thank you! :D

@jc: I know, ive tried their moisturizers a few years back and I cant say that my skin improved. actually made it worse :/ but we'll see I have a few more days to think abotu getting it hehe

@caby: yeah thats what I thought, might as well try hehe. Soon! haha where are you?

@Nina: I hope the microderm. does! haha Im not expecting radical results though. Never did work for me too

grace said...

THE CAKE IS SOoOoOo cuuuute!...

Whew! I love pond's. Sabi pa ng mom ko i-endorse ko na daw dahil halos lahat ng klase meron ako. hehe. Thanks for sharing this.

Sush said...

Hi Grace! youre welcome hehe apparently the sale is ongoing in some watson stores? I know its supposed to be august 14 yung pre sale I dont know whats up but its on sale now! hehe

xeends said...

wow i love ur eyebrow..perfect! haha..:D i'm starving after seeing super california maki and crunchy salmon roll..=P yay!

teeyah. said...

I heart banoffee pie, too! :) Really there are Time Traveler's posters na??? I cannot wait!

Thanks so much for dropping by :)

Sush said...

@xeends: haha thank you! :) i want more! hehe

@teeyah: yumyum! hehe yup saw them just a few days ago, yesterday i think haha


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