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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Juicyy :D

A girl's best friend or an insomniac's best friend. I know I have blogged about The Concealer/ Color Correcting Palette from Cinema Secrets. But really, this stuff is amazing! I call it my "industrial strength concealer" haha because I never found anything that works as well. It not only covers up the dark circles under my eyes, it does a good job of covering red spots and blemishes.

You may click on the images to view them in full size

I cant say that the pictures are true to color. My phone keeps washing out colors :/ However, this is kit #2

I use a spatula and a stainless steel mixing palette to keep it sanitary hehe.
Excuse the dirty brush hehe, I use a filbert brush (paint brush) to apply it - got this brush at a craft store (I love Michael's! lol)

I put stickers at the back - sort of like cheat codes. I kept forgetting which one was for what when I first got this hehe.

This works well if you set it with an invisible or no color setting powder before applying foundation. Regular powder would clump and it would be a big mess if you attempt to top it off with foundation. I use RCMA's no color setting powder. And I know I keep saying this but, that stuff is amazing. Wont ever clump!! So dont let the simple packaging fool you. Youre much better off with this baby than the more expensive ones (eg. MUFE and M.A.C.'s are a bit pricy)

3.2 oz. of goodness in no frill packaging!! -
Comes in a salt shaker like bottle. Have had this for about 4 months. Still have so much left!

Got some small sifter jars so I can put some in it and have it in my bag - dont want people to think I carry Cajun Seasoning or something like it with me all the time. lol

Vanity Area: MESS. haha its crying for a makeover. Will post a picture once I get it organized.

Told you this was going to be a long juicy post. Pictures from my birthday!
Click on Pictures to view them in full size


Me and my brother

Philip, Caby and Moi

Me and uhm Caby? hehe

As some of you know, im a Pescetarian (CLICK ME) so this is one of those rare days I allow myself to eat meat! yay buffalo wings! :D LOL

Mango Margarita! yum!

Its amazing I was able to upload these pictures and finish this entry tonight. I know almost everyones been having really crappy internet connection. I heard its because of a fiber tear thats been causing a disruption in the undersea cables . And it'll continue on being crappy for a few days until they fix it. Here is the article about it: CLICK ME

So hang in there, we'll get our somewhat decent internet connection back again, soon-hopefully?

Urban Decay FANS! Stock up on primer potion and all your favorite products! :D


PiggyViv said...

OOOOooo I love cinema secrets!Great for photoshoots and lasting powder is good for wedding makeup:)

jC said...

where do you usually buy your vanity items and how much do they actually cost per piece?? ; ) hope i would be able to apply make-up as good as you certainly do..! :)

cabyness said...

RCMA POWDER!! I need me some of that hahaha dude when are the concealers arriving? I miss you already! booo! :(

Sush said...

@Viv: they do come out really beautiful on photographs! :D

@JC: You can! it really just takes a lot of time practicing hehe :) Most stuff I have now I got from a recent trip. Which ones are you asking about? :)

@cabyness: yes haha I broke the last sifter jar I have so I have nowhere to put some more and give to you. If you find a container, ill give you some haha :) Concealers arriving on the 21st! yay!

Anonymous said...

hey where'd you but those mini sifter jars? puro malalaki nahahanap ko eh :( yung mga maliliit naman, jar lang pero walang sifter hahaha

Sush said...

Sa ebay ko nabili eh. parang meron sa watsons kaso di ko sure kung may sifter nga

Anonymous said...

walang sifter yung sa watson's :( wala din ako nakita sa divi hehehe merong nagbebenta sa multiply 5g sifter jars pero 25 pesos isa. patulan ko na? hehehe parang ang mahal eh, i need about 8 eh hahaha

Sush said...

ooohh parang pwede na yung akin din ata 5g. Got 4-6?cant remember hehe for about 5 dollars?

Anonymous said...

ah i see.. i wish i could find out where these multiply mmu resellers get the sifter jars, i bet it's wayyy cheaper than 25 haha kasi i was able to grab some with no sifters at divi for 5 pesos each! 5 pesos! haha maarte lang kasi ako, gusto ko may sifters pa, it's hygienic that way di ba?

Sush said...

Hahaha! Please let me know if you find out! ive broken most of the sifter jars that I got. Oo and hindi makalat. I tap out the powder from the sifter jar on a flat mixing plate or sa cap ng sifter jar and thats where i swirl the brush hehe


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