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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Transferring pictures from my blackberry was a breeze. Until I installed the Desktop Manager. Now I have to run that Roxio Media Manager which bugs me to no end. It hangs about 10 times before I get the pictures I want. hassle. It used to take me less than 5 minutes. And noooowww about an hour or so. It is testing my patience!!

Anyone know how I can make Blackberry Media Sync work again without having to uninstall the Desktop Manager? or how I can get my computer to recognize the sd card and just get the pictures straight from my computer? (sighs)

I said I was going to do so many things today. But I got stuck at home for most of the day. Caby and other friends came over to pick me up and we hung out in BF.

Memorable Quotes from tonight:

1. Sana nag artista nalang ako!
2. Lagyan mo ng music!
3. NOW NA!
4. Shettt. I'll blog this!
5. Medicard? Im rich, bits!
6. What do you do? Oh I travel, you know..
7. Ang "saklap"....
8. Faithful ako sa schedule ko!; gagawa ako ng story book
9. Colors, butterflies its all coming together. ahh vision..ahh art..

hahaha. okay thats not going to make sense to anyone who wasnt there :D Headed to Starbucks to talk about the events this afternoon, rant about work, dread about looking for work, talk about cabys visa application, and food! haha

Yummy calories! :)

Green eotd

I never know how to smile, so heres a funny face for you! haha

*Quick updated review about the Coastal Scents Eyeshadow:

(You can read my original review about the Coastal Scents Palettes and some of the brushes over HERE.)

I havent had the chance to really test them out. Yes I swatched them and they're pigmented. Im more on the "dark side" lol so its a tad more difficult to make the colors pop. I use UD Primer Potion as a base and normally I pack on the eyshadow to make it more vibrant. I just noticed that this doesnt work with Coastal Scents. If you pack on the color, it wont stick and will eventually end up as fall out :/ and it would go back to the semi faded color. I think it would be best to use a similar colored base (green eyeshadow base for green eyeshadow). Oh wells.

DJ Kidd's 30 Minute twerkout #51 Strictly for the ladies Edition! Check out his site for more; OVER HERE!


grace said...

sis. i dont have an idea about that desktop manager. hehe.

You have nice eyes!

Sush said...

I guess I have to be more patient until I figure out how to fix it hehe.


Maye said...

I wanted a Blackberry, I think I got discouraged, haha. But I guess if I have one i'll just use it as a phone, nevermind the perks. Patience is not my virtue. Haha.

Goodluck. I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough. I have no idea 'bout the desktop manager :|

Love that eyeshadow! Lovely.

Sush said...

ohh its a wonderful phone, dont get me wrong :D Its very possible that its my laptops fault I need to backup and reformat soon hehe. Thank you! :)

cabyness said...

IM RICHT BITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on the Picture! hahaha i miss you already!! BOOO TO NO INTERNET AT HOME......AGAIN!!!

Sush said...

hahaha :) effort yan ah haha i really need to reformat soon but too lazy to back up. YOURE AT HOME??

cabyness said...

Nahh last night, no internet couldn't upload my vids! Booo :(

Megann J. said...

WOAH. I wish I knew my way around make-up that well. I love it!

Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...


na-attract talaga ako sa donut na yun o.. yummyummmm.

Sush said...

@cabyness: Ah I see the vids are up! nice mineral e/s! :D

@Megann J.: Thank you, takes some practice and a lot of boredom hahaha

@Jess: hahaha ako din eh tinawag din ako nung donut eh


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