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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Getting ready to go to bed (well no not really) when my friend Michie called and asked what I was doing. I said I was just at home and then she asks "whyy? tomorrows a holiday." I said "well, it makes no difference to me" Everyday is a holiday! lol

Anyway we ended up going to Cedar Grill in BF had some chicken and fries (I just had fries) and absolut kurrant with Sprite. After a while she said she was bored and wanted to move so we moved to Tides BF only to learn they dont serve Mango Margarita by the glass anymore. Sucks. Had some beer, garlic mushrooms and stuffed squid. I didnt know she was allergic to seafood so I had that baby all to myself. hahaha.

Here's my date :)

She came from Makati so I had time to prepare hehe. Getting sick of Neutrals and decided to use Vibrant Grape and Bright Future from M.A.C.'s Style Warrior.

I took th pictures when I got home. Hence, the unruly eyebrows. haha

Added Embark to deepen the color. I need to get a camera blackberry keeps washing out the colors cant see Vibrant Grape too much in the pics

L-R: Bright Future, Femme-Fi and Vibrant Grape. The one in the bottom is Embark (reddish brown)

Anyway, new layout. Im still getting used to it. Like this one better or the old one better? My last layout seemed gloomy to me hehe. Will finish customizing this later some links dont work yet. tululoo


cabyness said...

Ooohhhhhh! I like the yellow and purpleeee!!!

Sush said...

arent they so cute? haha


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