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Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Weekend!

Its the weekend again! :D Not like its any different to me haha every day is a weekend. I must look for work, soon! Anyway, Have a great weekend everyone!

Click on images to view in full size :)

Did a bit of tweaking while waiting for something to do. oh boredom.

Blue and Black :D

Lashes I got from evilbay. 6 pairs for $4 I think. Dont really remember. Had to do that odd angle to show how insanely long they are haha.

What I used:
M.A.C. Paint pot in Delft
M.A.C. e/s in
Clarity (Lid)
Deep Truth (Crease)
Prussian (Outer V/Corner)
Club (Crease, Outer Corner)
Carbon (Outer Corner)
Vibrant Future (inner Corner)
Vanilla (brow area)
Femmie-Fi (just below the brows for highlight)
and a few of the blue e/s from the shimmer palette from Coastal Scents.

Dont worry you wont need as much to get the same look, lol. I think I use too many e/s. I promise i'll use just 3 or maybe 4 or 5? (haha) the next time. This started out looking summery. mixed blue and yellow to get a green shade in between but I got bored with it haha sooo thats what came out.

Bought a new book the other day and finished it in one sitting. I found it funny in a sick twisted way haha. Its not that horrid but it may not be funny to some.

Fun read! :)

Preparing to review for NCLEX: A bunch of stuff. I love school supplies haha. I am quite obsessive with notes and usually focus better when I have the right pen and the right kind of paper. Look! I have a pencil case! haha I have too many pens and pencils I have a whole box full of writing stuff.

Dirty Mirror, Uneven skin tone haha. I hate that I rarely see the sun because of the gloomy weather (aside from the fact that I normally wake up late afternoon). I have to go about 2 shades darker with fdtn instead of my regular shade to make my face match with my arms. Lets not even go the legs haha. I need sun! oh well. Self tanning soon :)


Megann J. said...

Good luck with the job hunt! :) I love those lashes. Insanely long! LOL love what you did with the eyes, sexy :D

Jaime said...

nice look :) your eyes are prettyyy
good luck finding a job (i need one too:( but iv yet to find one:()

Aicha Amano said...

Long ass lashes! OMG!
But it suits your eyes so well <3
And goodluck to your NCLEX reviews, those are tough. I have a lot of friends who are nurses and are taking the test too.

cabyness said...

I guess we really are friends, Blue rocks haha. Love the lashes too. I wanna try mink lashes haha

xeends said...

wow ur preparing for nclex na..=D goodluck..=D love ur lashes..=P oh blue and black eyeshadow looks good on you..=D nice!..=D

Sush said...

@Megann: thank you!! :) and yeah I need all the luck haha

@Jaime: thanks! :) yeah and a good paying one too huh? sighs

@Aicha: hahaha yeah kinda scary looking but thanks. Thanks! I havent applied yet but plan on reading ahead. better be overprepared hehe.

@Cabyness: I should have mentioned my post was inspired by yours lol I didnt want to do the blue but im always using green or purple and I ran out of go-to looks haha

@Cindy: Preparing in the sense nag cocollect ng libro at notebook at pens yes pero actual studying di pa haha hopefully next week! :) thank you!

Marce said...

Love the blue shadow and the contrast with your gorgeous eyes! And those lashes, woah! Good luck with the job hunt!


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