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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swatches, Dupes and Reviews

Making up for no post days, Sweets! Swatches, Dupes and Reviews! :)

Ive been stressed out lately and its taking a toll on my already super bad sleeping habits = poor skin. So i havent done any eotd or fotd. ya'll dont need to see me all stressed out and gross haha. Okay on to the post.


Mars from Mars Simpsons! was asking me where to find good yet affordable lipgloss. Until this year, I havent been much of a lippie person. So I only own a few (and mostly just from m.a.c.). And though I like their lipglass they dont actually fall under the category of affordable. A few days ago I saw some swatches of the lipgloss from bench (im sorry i'd post the link but I cant remember where I saw them :/ ) Anyway decided to check them out. There are tons of lip stuff at herbench I was pretty amazed haha. They have ones that look like dazzleglass and they have a lot of lipsticks too.

The ones I got are called Paint Box Color Sheen lip gloss. I think there are about 6. I swatched them all but forgot to take a picture. Most of the shades are pinkish though. I got Polished Plum (which I think is a darker dupe of M.A.C.'s lipglass in nymphette) and Sheer Pink (which reminds me of NARS Turkish Delight --lemming on that). Though I wouldnt say theyre as pigmented, I actually do like them!

Mars also asked about the taste and smell of the alternative/cheaper lipgloss. Well, it doesnt really taste like anything (I dont suppose you'll be licking them purposely anyway hehe). The smell is okay, its not repulsive but its not the best smelling one out there.

Click on images to view in full size :)

Paint Box Color Sheen Lip Gloss

No Flash and With Flash

Left: Sheer Pink; Right: Polished plum

What they look like on me, my lips are very pigmented
. A bit messy applied them very quickly hehe
Left: Polished Plum - Sheer plum with gold flecks
Right: Sheer Pink - Nude Light Pink (better with something under if you have pigmented lips*)


Rating: 4 out of 5

Why you should buy it:
-Pretty shades!
-Cheaper and comparable to expensive ones
-Not super sticky like M.A.C.'s lipglass (if you dont like that)
-Very shiny! hehe
-Sheer and feels light ( you wont feel like you have tons of gunk on your lips haha)

What you should consider:
- I dont like the lip wand it comes with
-For swatching purposes, you'll get a decent amount with one dip. But actually putting it on your lips may take a couple more.
-If your lips are very pigmented, the colors may not show as well.*

* If your lips are very pigmented you can use a nude lipliner to shade your lips and then apply lipgloss or apply a small amount of flesh toned concealer on your lips just enough to conceal your lips natural pigmentation and then apply the gloss. And flesh toned please (similar to your skin tone) do not put very light concealer on your lips, its not pretty making 0.0 haha. Or apply over your favorite lipstick!

Okay, next. Told you Im trying to make up for no post days! :)

M.A.C.'s Studio Moisture Cream vs. M.A.C. oil control lotion

First off, I hope you guys moisturize. Oily skin is a common problem especially for us who live in the Philippines. Where its hot and humid practically the whole year! But did you know, that the more you try to make your face dry with products (esp. alcohol - I know someone who does that!) the more it'll produce oil. Yeah so its actually pointless. What you need are products that help maintain your skins balance and helps control oil.

Which brings us to...tenen! LOL M.A.C's Oil Control Lotion vs. M.A.C. Studio Moisture Cream. I was using M.A.C's Studio Moisture Cream but decided to get the oil control for when I go back to the Philippines figured I might need something to keep the shine to a minimum.

M.A.C. Studio Moisture Cream 50 mL

Damage: I actually cant remember. I got the one with the old packaging at CCO too.
Rating: 5 out of 5

Why you should buy it:
- I bought this during Winter and my skin was super flaky and dry and itchy. It might sting a little ( a very very very little - and I think thats expected) when you apply it to dry, flaky windburned? spots but it does get rid of it after continued use.
-I like the smell, it smells the same as the oil control lotion but the scent lasts longer and a bit stronger than the oil control's.
- It hasnt broken me out
-Creamy but not heavy.
-You wont need a lot.

What you should consider:
-Your skin type. I have combination skin but your skin needs extra moisture during Winter. But on non Winter months or countries that dont have Winter, best to skip it unless you have dry skin.

M.A.C. Oil Control Lotion 50 mL

Damage: I also got this at CCO and cant remember how much I got them.
Rating: 5 out of 5

Why you should buy it:
- Its not greasy and very lightweight. You wont feel like youre melting haha.
- Im not quite sure if its water based but it does seem like it from the texture
- Since it practically wont melt off my face, it does seem to keep the shine at bay.
- I do like the smell and its quite faint and goes away after a minute or two.
- It hasnt broken me out.
-You dont need to use a lot of product.
- I dont see this as drying or anything in the extreme that might make dry skin worse so I think its safe to use on any skin type.

What you should consider:
- This is not a miracle product! At the very most, it lessens shine because it isnt as heavy as other face moisturizers.
- You'd still have to blot your face once in a while esp. on very hot and humid days.

* I rated both 5 out 5 because for a very long time, I stopped moisturizing my face. The very first time I did, I used Pond's ( I forgot what its called - they came in those am and pm jars. the blue and white ones) Anyway, So I used those for about a month and started noticing that my pores were getting clogged and I broke out too. The M.A.C. moisturizers have never broken me out.

Left: Oil Control Lotion; Right: Studio Moisture Cream

Applied on Skin.
Top: Studio Moisture Cream; Bottom: Oil Control Lotion

Blended. I applied a bit too much of the Studio Cream but it goes on clear after blending but you can see how they differ in forumula and texture.

If youre interested you may check the prices at M.A.C.'s website: LINK
Or check them out at your local M.A.C Counters

EDIT: Extra info about the 2 products from the M.A.C. Website

Oil free lotion
The ultimate no-shine base for oil control. Natural exfoliants help improve texture and clarity. Lightweight and instantly matte, bonds makeup to the skin for fewer touch-ups. Oil-free hydration with natural colloidal minerals and antioxidants. Formulated to keep skin pH-balanced. Use day or night.
50 ml / 1.7 fl oz US $29.50

Studio Moisture Cream
A super-rich creamy moisturizer boosted with skin-nourishing extracts including passion fruit, spinach leaf, green tea, algae, wheat germ and coconut. Moistens, feeds, firms and protects the skin. Promotes a healthy radiance. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines. Good for day and night.
50 ml / 1.7 fl oz US $32.00

Cinema Secrets Concealer/ Color Corrector Palette kit #2 Swatch

Click on the images to view them in full size :D

Concealer/ Color Corrector Kit#2

These are heavily packed/applied for swatching purposes. They can go as sheer as you want them to and layer them as needed. Theyre not as dark as when they're in the container because theyre very pigmented thats why you only need a very small amount.

I didnt get to swatch them before, though i've reviewed these 3 times LOL. So I wont go into details about them anymore. If you want to read my reviewS on them you can find them

If youre interested you may:


As with any product, please remember that results or effects may vary due to various reasons. The product reviews above are what I experienced and how they worked for me :)

And just to make up for the days that have gone by without any posts. Here is an eotd for you! LOL. Just a simple, quick, brown and gold look.

- Wash of color on the crease (I used M.A.C.'s Haux)
-Packed M.A.C. Gold Mine on the lid and inner corners
-M.A.C. Woodwinked on the (outer) lid blended towards Gold Mine
- M.A.C. Chrcoal Brown, Embark and Carbon on outer crease for depth and definition.
- M.A.C. Vanilla on brow area and Femme Fi for highlight.
- Wet n Wild Eyeliner
- Face Shop Lashes in XO

-> You may use whatever color or substitute with what you have. Just putting down the names for color reference. :D

BOOO! haha

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cabyness said...

Yayy i used to have polished plum but it never stayed long so i never purchased it again. Im still looking for the right cream for me, My face is crazy oily so fast. sigh. oh well, great look :)

Sush said...

That was from saturday! :D before I stepped out of my room and humidity got my hair all crazy lol.

I like the oil control but like I said its not a miracle product that will stop your face from getting oily, but its a whole lot better than heavier creams.

I love the polished plum! soo pretty and the other one too because it looks like nars turkish delight, though the one from nars is pigmented. but it'll do, FOR NOW. LOL :)

teeyah. said...

Ooh! Yay for MAC products! Would you happen to know if these are available here in Phils? ;) THanks, dear! Great reviews :)

Sush said...

Thanks teeyah! :) I suppose they should have it, the question is if they have it in stock haha. I will check the next time I happen to pass by a MAC counter and will let you know :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

yay...gotta look for all those goodies this weekend. i love your eye make up. i'm no good with make up and i really love reading blogs like yours. =)

Sush said...

Thanks Mel! :) it just really takes a lot of patience and free time? lol Ive alwys loved makeup but didnt really start experimenting until I found other bloggers who inspired me hehe

Ronette Rose said...

Thank you for following me hun. You too have a brilliant blog and gorgeous yourself! ;) x


MKL said...

Wow, nice lips there :) Are you a make-up artist? I mean, I really enjoyed your post and pics, then you scare me in the end with BOOO! How could you ;-)

Mish said...

thanks for the lash comment :) It takes like 2mins of my day and cost just about 20 pesos! haha :) Loving your blog. The last pic on this post reminds me of Victoria Beckham! I just checked out the "books" tab. "me talk pretty one day" was oh soo funny! Probably one of my favorite books!! :)

Sush said...

Thanks Ronette! :)

and MKL hahaha :P

Sush said...

20 pesos? where do you get them? haha Ive been needing to put lashes on because my own lashes decided they want to go crazy haha. Thank you hahaha. It is huh? I enjoyed it very much, trying to look for some of his other books too hehe

Anonymous said...

I want the sheer pink lip gloss!!! i still want the kim kardashian make up hahaha although fail pa rin ako sa lip gloss experiment, i guess my beige lipstick is still too dark? hehehe - fetz

Sush said...

It is nice! but on pigmented lips it looks like clear gloss havent tried on top of a nude lippie or concealer hehe.

*fetz forever na talaga. mukhang in a months time pa tayo magkita hayy. soon soon!

Anonymous said...

naku ano ka ba ok lang noh hahaha thanks thanks - fetz

nee said...

aww, thanks so much for stopping by :D you're really beautiful keep it up!

Sush said...

@Fetz: please be free on wednesday? :) hahaha

@Nee: back at you :) thank you!

xeends said...

love the lipgloss maui..=D it looks soo good on ur lips..=D


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