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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Loud Mouth!!

Tried playing with pigment samples I got a few months back. I thought they looked pretty but my phones camera kept washing the colors out.

So decided to play with lip stuff. As a rule, when applying makeup make sure you emphasize one thing and keep the other things subtle/neutral or at least not as loud. This avoids the clown look hahaha. :) I usually dont wear bright shades of lipstick cause they tend to make my lips look bigger, I already have big lips so I dont want to look like they've been stung by bees lol

Click on Images to view in full size :)

Lined the lips to shape and define them, filled out outer corners with the lip pencil and applied gloss

What I used:

M.A.C. Cremestick liner in Pink Treat
M.A.C. Lipglass in Chance Encounter
Pigments in Melon and cocomotion
E/S Carbon, Charcoal Brown and Femme-Fi
Random Lashes

My hair is so flat. I need a haircut again soon. I wish I had crazy wild curly hair


twinsouls888 said...

ay ang cute ng blog mo, followed you ^_^

JHOANA said...

aw.., very vain sis! I love the outcome!

cabyness said...

Love the camwhoring hahaha

Sush said...

@twinsouls thank you hehe :)

@Jhoana: medyo lang haha

@cabyness: but ofcourse stuck at home on a weekend and turning down invitations to go out. I have to find some way to compensate LOL theres more coming hahaha

xeends said...

the last pic was...all i can say is.. WOOOWWW! need a say more?!..lol.. =D

Sush said...

you are funny cinds! haha wow... bored much! hahah


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