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Sunday, August 16, 2009


I know ive been whining about not seeing and wanting to be under the sun lately. Then I saw Petrilude's Space makeup inspired by the sun. To go to the video tutorial click THIS. Anyway, he is one of the best gurus on youtube so, subscribe! :) Cant wait for his videos for this years halloween (I get a little too excited when I think about halloween lol)

This has got to be one of my favorites! Pictures dont do any justice and I tried my best to make the colors show but again, phones camera kept washing out the colors. Attempted to do the look (ambitious! i know haha) substituting what was needed with whatever I had.

What I used:

For the white base I scraped some M.A.C. Vanilla E/S and mixed with primer (didnt have any white base/primer)
M.A.C. Chrome Yellow (Lid)
M.A.C. Bright Future (Lid)
M.A.C. Embark (Crease)
M.A.C. Vanilla (Brow Area)
White Vein in M.A.C. Perfect Topping MSF (highlight)
3 orange E/S in Coastal Scents Palette (Crease)
Red E/S Coastal Scents(Crease)
*E/S used with a slightly damp brush
Stila Kajal Eyeliner in Onyx (Waterline)
Lancome Super Enhancing Base and High Def Mascara

Cinema Secrets Corrector Palette Kit#2
RCMA Shinto 2 and 3 (Foundation)
RCMA Invisible Setting powder
Prestige Powder Soft Spice (Under eyes)
M.A.C. Perfect Topping MSF (highlight)
M.A.C. Shadester (Contour)
E.L.F. Bronzer
Coastal Scents Blush

mixed 3 lipglass: M.A.C. Revealing, Nymphette and Chance Encounter

Whew! okay on to the pictures. Excuse the messy hair, I really do need to get a haircut.

Click on the images to view in full size

Hair is ewwwiiee :/

I wouldnt use a blush for this, just a bronzer. But since the colors are washed out with my phones camera, applied a blush just so It doesnt look too pale

Hope I gave justice to Petrilude's tutorial and that you guys like it! :)

Side note:
I was at the grocery today when I saw some vegetarian Chicharon (Vegetarian Pork Rinds- I think thats what you call it. veggie pork rinds sounds ridiculous). hahaha. I havent had any in soooo long so decided to try it. Surprisingly good, even questioned if it was really meat free haha. Im stocking up on these. LOL


cabyness said...

Hey your base worked! :)

Sush said...

Youre up! yeah haha my experiment with the white shadow and primer worked. yey! im still getting nyx pencils though haha

cabyness said...

oh me too I dont want to cut down my list though :(

Sush said...


joyciexclusive said...

wow! i love the makeup! it worked well :)
btw, i like marty's too..the vinegar-flavored one :P

charchar said...

whoa! i love your make-up blends. btw, thanks for droppin' by my site.

Sush said...

@joycie: thank you! yeah I like the plain salted ones too eating some right now haha :)

@charchar: youre welcome! :) thanks girl!

Anonymous said...

ang taray ng kilay!! great job with the make up as per usual maui hehehe

Sush said...

aww thank you fetz!! :) Still growing it out di pa sila pantay lol

xeends said...

waaahh! i really2 like ur eyebrow suushh..=D kainggit!..haha..=D marty's cracklin' is one of my fav. nowadays..hehe yum! yum! and oh it's a vegetarian chicharon so it's ok..no meat..haha=P


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