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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Woke up really early and had nothing else to do soo....

Click on the (+) to make the slide go faster. I didnt put the slide on fast cause it made me dizzy haha.

Anyway, the most important (makeup) piece of advice i've heard is to have faith and keep going! lol you know how when you start off you think "mehh, this isnt working"? Well the whole thing wont come together until youre finally done so unless youre in a rush, just keep going and have faith that it will turn out nice! haha makes sense to me :)

Though I obviously didnt finish that one up there haha. The lash kept falling off (used the shady glue that came with the lashes) gave up on it and after I got the left eye right, I took it right off thinking I was going to fall back asleep.

I woke up at 3:30 am thinking that the Perseids Meteor Shower was this morning- actually still confused if it was this morning or tomorrow. But I did go out to check and the sky was dark and full of clouds, so that was kind of pointless. Then I couldnt go back to sleep, as usual. 0.0

What I used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Purple e/s from the Matte and Shimmer Palette (Coastal Scents)
M.A.C. Vibrant Grape
M.A.C. Carbon
M.A.C. Vanilla
M.A.C. Femme Fi
Random False lashes (with sucky glue!)


aka Procne said...

I love it!

Hey when do you post videos? Like HOW TO's. LOL.

jC said...

Perseids Meteor Shower? When's this gonna be? I'd love to see it just as well ; )

Sush said...

@Procne: I use a blackberry to take pictures because I dont have a camera right now so its going to be quite hard to record a video on my own. And im kind of shy hahaha camera shy LOL

JC: Yeah! Shooting starts galore! If im not mistaken I think its later, midnight around 12 to 4 am. But its raining and I dont see stars, so I doubt we'll be able to watch :(

Joni Rei said...

Wow! Job well done! great. nice eyes :)

About the meteor shower, ive just read it awhile ago on other blog. but i don't know when it'll happen.

Maye said...

Wow. You're really in love with make-up! I admire how you can put it on like that. I want to do it too, but I don't have the skills no matter how hard I keep going. I'll just stick to light make-up, no I shadows cos I suck at putting them on.

M.A.C cosmetics are really great aren't they? kinda costly though. I'd rather spend that much on shoes, haha.

Sush said...

@Joni Rei: Thank you! :) I think its later on tonight? but i doubt we'll get to see anything :/ sad

@Maye: Heyy! :) It does take a lot of practice, I used to well (I still do) put on makeup when im bored --I have too much time on my hands right now haha. I like that MAC has a wide range of colors but there are good alternatives too :) Plus some of the stuff I have are either gifts or I got for free (back to mac recycling program) hehe

Miles said...

nice. :) colleagues pala tayo.. :D

Sush said...

Thanks you! :D yes ma'am

cabyness said...

Girl I wanna go over your house and just chill... BOO! Purple looks great. When you're online message me have something i wanna show ya :)

Sush said...

@caby: Lets! hehe thank you :D


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