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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ordered a few Corrector/Concealer Palettes to sell on my multiply store. They finally arrived today! yay! Im thinking of keeping one as backup lol but we'll see. Ordered one RCMA no color/invisible setting powder and an RCMA Transclucent powder as well. Not much of a difference to me though, the translucent one looks like it just has a hint of color.

3 kit #2's and 2 of kit #1

Kit #1 on top and Kit#2 bottom. Translucent Powder on the Left and No Color on the Right (barely any difference right?)

Kit#1 for light to medium light ; Kit #2 for medium light skin to dark skin. Conceals practically anything from red spots and blmishes, muddy brown areas and undereye cirlces.

My Review on the concealer Palette and Invisible setting powder over here: CLICK ME, ME and ME! ( what can I say, I like talking about things that work haha)

If youre interested you may email me or leave me a message via ym (sooo_sheee@yahoo.com) or fill out an order form over here! ORDER FORM to take a look at what else I have on my multiply store you can check it out over here: GLITZANDGLAM

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cabyness said...

YAYYYY!!! One is mine mine mnineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

JHOANA said...

wow! cool may multiply site ka pala ate? will check it out!

anyways you might wanna join my giveaway contest at http://poshqueen.us

jamie said...

i bought online 2 corrector palettes and the cover of one is broken..:( i dunno what ill do with it.

Sush said...

@cabyness: yes! one has your name on it heheh :)

@Jhona: hehe please do, thanks!

@jamie: oh aw :/ did you receive it broken? they have an empty palette but I suppose its a hassle to scrape it out and move it to a new palette. might be easier to move them to little jars

N. said...

wow. you're selling rin pala. cool!

Sush said...

Hey Nina haha yeah sometimes :)


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