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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A non makeup post to change things up hehe. As some of you know, ive been a Pescetarian for over a year. I first started out as a vegan but found it difficult to find other things to eat. I am a bit monotonous with food, but you can imagine how hard it was for someone who loves food to just give up all kinds of meat. I had planned to become a Vegan for months and set a date. But saw some PETA videos that made me realize that I didnt have to wait, I should just do it now! haha that wasnt very hard after watching the videos.

I dont remember how long I went without meat, but after a while I switched to a diet with fish - Pescetarianism (though some Vegans dont agree or wish not to be associated with Pescetarians) There are tons of reasons to go veg. You might want to shed a few pounds, be healthier or want to be more compassionate. I personally decided to stop eating poultry because I feel bad about the way these animals are treated and I dont want to be a part of that cruelty.

This is not a blog post meant to make meat lovers feel guilty. I indulge myself with some meat on very special occassions :)

I got an email from PETA about the 10 best Vegan Restaurants in the Philippines ( i'll continue about that in a bit) and stumbled upon their Pledge to be Veg page. Ive decided to go straight vegan again for at least a month. And encouraging everyone or anyone else whos interested to do it with me! :) You may take the pledge HERE. It doesnt have to be now, but consider it. A month is just a month. Im sure it'll make you feel better and it'll be a way to bust that myth that going without meat makes you weak!

By pledging to go Vegan on the website, you'll receive tips and recipes to make things easier. You may also read my post on what it was like for me when I first transitioned into this lifestyle over HERE. Ive posted some helpful links on that post including the link to the Free Vegetarian Starter Kit (contains information, recipes, a magazine featuring artists and celebrities who are Vegans and why they decided to go veg and cute little stickers too!)

Think about it, pledge and i'd love to hear how the experience was for you! BTW, are there any vegans residing in the Philippines out there? hello? yoohoo? hehe Please do send me a message or an email about your experience and what youve been eating? haha :D

Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in the Philippines
(listed by PETA Asia Pacific)

You may view the complete article over here

1. Azotea Greens - Baguio City
2. Bliss Cafe - Baguio City
3. Bodhi/Evergreen - Most SM Malls
4.Corner Tree Cafe - Jupiter, Makati
5. Daily Veggie N' Cafe - Quezon City
6. Greens Cafe and Restaurant - Scout Castor Quezon City
7. Hapilife Healthy Food Corner - West Tapinac, Olongapo City
8. Ima's Gulay Bar - Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
9.Mandala Spa - Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
10. The Farm - San Benito, Batangas

Dining out when youre a vegan in the Philippines can be quite difficult. Too bad most of the Restos listed are too far from where I live. But will definately try to go to some of them.


Anonymous said...

nice! mukhang bodhi lang ang pinakamalapit sa probinsya natin ah hahaha naku sisiw lang sayo maging straight vegan haha - fetz (tinamad nang mag log in sa livejournal hahaha)

Sush said...

haha oo nga eh. oh well. blogspot! blogspot! blogspot! go! haha :)

xeends said...

suushh sama mko wen u go to one of the vegan restau..hehe..=D

Sush said...

sa baguio? game! haha

trinsgarcia said...

Mau! You can try VeggieFoods somewhere along P.Guevarra (if im not mistaken) I used to buy soy meat there! :)

Sush said...

Thanks Trina! :) I have yet to start on it (procastination) hayy but thannks!

kulay kahel said...

glad i came across this post. at least me idea nako pag uwi. well sa pinas naman marami variety ng gulay. sana i can commit too! been planning to steer clear from animal meat for a very long time now. animals are friends not food!! yey!

Sush said...

Hehehe yeah animals are friends not food! haha you can! its easier than you thnk esp. if you love animals :)


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