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Monday, March 23, 2009

Be Responsible

This is a post from my multiply blog. I support spaying and neutering and believe that pet owners should have it done. I love kittens and puppies but if you dont have the means to take care of all of them or have to resort to giving them away or selling them, youre not being responsible. I was guilty of it and at one point I had close to 20 cats! Some got sick and some died. It was a terrible experience and that made me decide to have them neutered/spayed.

Each year, millions of unwanted animals are euthanized (put to death) because there just aren't as many homes available as there are animals. If that isn't reason enough for you, read on. And much worse, there are a lot of stray cats and Dogs roaming the streets which of course lead to accidents causing injuries and death. Especially in the Philippines when there are very few shelters and a few people who have the compassion to help injured stray animals (kudos to you guys)

Top Reasons to spay or neuter your pets:
  • Spaying reduces the risk of certain types of cancers and infections in females, especially if it is performed prior to the first heat.

  • Spaying also eliminates the possibility of getting blood stains on your couch, floor, bed, etc. when your female has her heat cycle.

  • Neutering lessens a dog's temptation to roam, as well as to fight. (Studies show that the majority of dog bites are made by intact , untrained male dogs); Same with cats. Also once they become adults, theyre more likely to be less affectionate (when not spayed) especially the females.

  • Neutering also lessens your dog's temptation to fall in love with your company's legs. heheh

A lot of people think its selfish to do this and deprive the animal of their whatever instinct (haha) But the thing is, not spaying or neutering your pet increases the chances of your pets (future) offsprings to be placed in a bad home or worse, to end up in the streets.

CARA's Low cost spay neuter clinic now open
Prices are as follows:

Domestic/Native Cats :
Male(neuter) P350, Female(spay)P500

Domestic/Native/Street Dogs (askal/aspin) :
Male(neuter)P700, Female(spay)P1000

You can also inquire about our "pure breed" rates which are offered at a lower price than prevailing spay/neuter costs as compared to other clinics in Metro Manila.

Clinic Address:
Carson Bldg. (basement),
Orense St. corner Del Carmen St., Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City
(landmark is blue MMDA bldg off EDSA)
Days and Hours:
Monday - Sunday 9am-5pm / Wednesday (by appt only )

for more info please call the clinic at
8825323, cell# 09107297026
or email us at info@caraphil.org

or visit our website at



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