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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pretty Purple and Pink

Soo for a change I decided to use a color ive never used. Pink and Purple! I hated these colors when I was a kid haha but anyway, I loved it!

Here are the pictures. I apologize for the unruliness though haha I took the pictures 11 hours after application!! And it was pretty much still intact except for one of my falsies which look like its ready to fall off! Ohh and the pink E/S were not as vibrant but hello, 11 hours! haha

I also used a blush from the contour palette and even though it was huge, I stuffed it into my bag thinking that I would need to re apply. And surprise surprise! 11 hours after, it was still as vibrant! I wouldve posted a picture of my whole face but after 11 hours, I looked super exhausted haha

What I used:
Urban Decay primer Potion
Coastal Scents 88 Matte Eye shadow Palette
M.A.C. nylon (inner corner and tear duct)
Loreal HIP eyeliner
Ardell false lashes

I dont know if the pictures would help but these are the colors that I used (Click on the images to see a larger version - I encircled the color I used in red using paint haha):

1) Highlight - brow bone

2)Wash above the crease

3) Dabbed on both colors and applied on the lid

4) Applied on the crease

5)Used the 2 purples on the outer corner of eyes and crease, applied a little black on the outer corners and blended to add depth to the crease.


Anyway, wore this to a baptism and a birthday party. The baby im baby sitting was baptized today then we had lunch at a korean/japanese/chinese buffet somewhere in Vallejo. We then went to Danville for Sarah's 6th birthday celebration with her family. I am exhausted!

Me and Jhelyn after she was baptized

My cousin in her new blue dress that she wore. Soo cute! Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland


fetz said...

wow nalula ako sa dami ng eyeshadow! hahaha

Sush said...

haha yeah I dont think i'll be buying eye shadows anytime soon

Carla said...

I cant wait to get the neutrals! i wish you would come home soon so we can both go crazy on make up haha

Sush said...

I will be home soon (isnt that a song? haha) and yes we will. I hope that by the time I get home you wont be a loser though, i need company! ;/ ohh dias coming over soon soo thats good i wont be as miserable for about a week haha


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