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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to Spot FAKE M.A.C. Eye Shadows

I recently just got into Online Shopping. I had no access to visa cards in the Philippines hahaha and I dont own a credit card (thank goodness!) So imagine how crazy I got when I finally got one, okay yu know what, dont! haha

Anyway, I was alittle skeptic with some of the stuff that was on evilbay. Some had weird containers, new colors and what nots and I actually thought: "Oooh I didnt know they had that!" So I searched the M.A.C. website for the stuff that I saw online and I was puzzled since they didnt seem to have it.

So I decided to do a little research. Ive probably seen every sinlge entry on how to spot them and compiled them. And here it is! lol "HOW TO SPOT FAKE M.A.C. EYESHADOWS"

This post actually came from my blog in multiply (HERE).


-MAC eyeshadows never come with a sponge tip applicator. NEVER. or have mirrors on the back of the pots

-They will ALWAYS HAVE A NAME and not just a number. At the bottom of the pot, it will have a number combination (eg. A97) with the name of the eyeshadow along with the description (eg. Frost, velvet, satin, etc.)

-The box will have a sticker on the top with the name of the shadow and a UPC code sticker on the bottom. Fake macs will have the "UPC codes" printed on the bottom of the box

- The best way to check is to compare it on the mac website, but there are a lot of stuff that are discontinued so you might have to check for other signs to see if they're fake.

** The top part of the eyeshadow pot, the clear plastic thing has the mac logo. and its NOT supposed to be very dark or engraved heavily. On the real mac you can barely feel it, basically its barely there. If you can feel it with your fingers, its fake.

- Palettes with a sponge tip applicator are fake. Palettes that come with an applicator usually have a mini brush that says SE after the number (special edition)

- Mac does not have cream eyeshadow palettes. They only have cream color base, the one pictured above is obviously fake.

- In Real mac eyeshadows. the pans of the shadow itself will be lower than the lip of the pot, the fake macs will have the pans higher above the lip of the pot. ( i don't know if you get that, ill try to look for a picture of it)

AHA!! haha The pictures not very clear (I'm sure the seller meant it to be that way haha) But you can see that the pan is much higher than the whole pot itself. Even the upc code at the bottom of the box is a giveaway, its too small and if the picture was much clearer I'm sure you'll be able to see that it isn't an actual sticker and its printed on the box.


Real MAC eyeshadows pans are much lower then the lip of the pot

- Not always, but most will come from china. If seller claims that the packaging is different because the "packaging here in ** is different" or "they don't have names on them because here we only have numbers", well then that's fake. But some may come from the US or Canada (maybe buyers who didn't get a refund are trying to sell their fake stuff idk haha)

- if the item is listed as "as it is" or the seller does not know the name of the eyeshadow that's a red flag right there.

-But there are a lot of duped products that come close to the real ones and the only way to find out is by destroying the pot or eyeshadow. The pans are sometimes different and you can only see that when you depot the shadows.

- Fake ones have wider lips than the real ones. i don't have a picture of it but you can compare them to actual pots from the store that you already have.

- The boxes may be different too, they're usually much shinier, they may have names like Prismisque or Lustre with the numbers 02, 03, 6, 7 blah blah blah.

I don't know who they're trying to fool but this one is obviously fake haha

As for the quality, I really have no idea. They might suck, be quite good if not close to real ones but the thing is you're being tricked into thinking that you're getting an authentic product. They re usually much cheaper than the real mac products or almost the same. Although, I'm not saying that all are fake. There are some artists who sell items that were meant to be used as samples at the stores since they don't get to use all products meant for that purpose. But I think the best way to go is to just buy them from counters or from the stores. BUT!! And I cant stress this enough. SAMPLES will be labeled with the color/shade or whatever, it will be like the regular ones. The only difference is it will be labeled or will come with a sticker that says SAMPLE. Sooo, those who say that "no theyre not labeled because theyre factory seconds or samples that werent used ladidadidaa.." are full of crap. haha

Hope that helped and good luck shopping for bargains!! =)"


Jessica de Mesa, RN. said...

i wish i had money to splurge on good makeup! all i got is smashbox foundation, eyeliner, and lip gloss -- that's it! haha

Sush said...

Most people dont really need a lot naman :) I just really love makeup haha. Ako rin, kaya kailangan makapass na tayo nclex haha and get a good job! :)

Mark said...

Hi there.

I found your blog while stumbling.
I was wondering if you want to exchange links?

I know it's not appropriate to ask my question in your comment space, I can't find contact me link kasi eh. hehe

BTW nice blog. Tnx!


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