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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am sick

blech. the last time I got sick was september last year and I felt like I was going to die. I lost so much weight I had to force myself to eat. Well anyway, i feel like im going to die again. Its probably due to not taking my vitamins after soo long and unhealthy habits. Oh well. thats what you get haha. last time it lasted 3 days with medicine. Im not taking any now because im just being stubborn haha.

Did you know that contrary to popular belief, citrus and vitamin c doesnt do much when you have a cold? dont ask me why because I dont know haha.

Arghhh..my head is chaotic. I have a couple of drafts waiting to be finished. I hope I dont have to work tomorrow because I just really dont need a crying, screaming and kicking koala stuck to my waist and it wouldnt be wise to have her around me anyway.

Dia's coming over! finally! I mean soon enough i think? haha im not even sure I couldnt concentrate because my head was pounding. But I think she is, I hope she stays until her ticket expires which is around...i dont think im allowed to say. but anyway, that'll make things faster if shes around then i just have to wait another ughh ladidada days until im home.

Home. Things to do and shit. hay haha. Im thinking of bummin for a few months before I actually look for a job? why? because I havent figured what to do with myself yet. Go back to school and do what I promised myself? ughhh i'll be around 33 by the time i finish school and im not financially capable of doing that just yet. Study something else? maybe. Do what my parents want me to do? mmm il think about it. And besides, I see working as this whole new phase in your life and I dont think im quite ready to make that leap yet. I dunno, I always feel like ending and starting a new chapter in my life is scary. it brings me closer to 30, to 40, to 50 to death! haha

anyway, im just rambling. im sure most of the stuff i typed wont make much sense to me in the morning.




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