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Sunday, March 29, 2009

One mess of an entry.

Different things rolled into one entry.


Great News! I finally feel much better and have the appetite to eat! haha But that is good news, because for 5 days I couldnt eat anything. And if i did eat no matter how small the portion was it just didt not sit well in my stomach. :( But today while walking around in Walnut Creek, i felt it! Hunger! :)


I was looking for pictures of what I had today haha but this is all I found. I had a Yik Yak Salad which is an Oriental Salad with south of the border flair. A crsip of mix greens, cabages, jicama, red peppers, snow peas, tossed with sweet sesame dressing and topped with toasted almonds (yeah, that description is from their menu haha) with a side of Roadhouse Onions which is like the onion brick at Racks but much much much better! :)

And no Im not a pig haha I didnt have two I shared one with my tita. I want one NOW. mmm Im a fussy salad eater haha. I eat them because I have to and I like veggies but its rare that I actually like the salads from restos (this one is a fave and the one from cyma is pure love! ) Which is difficult when youre a starting vegetarian/pescetarian because you think well what else am i gonna eat?! But ive survived for almost a year! :) but anyway i'll save that for an entry on my anniversary haha


Anyway, Blue and yellow makeup. I back to mac'ed quite a few things the other day. But the ones I wanted to get were out of stock. Cant really complain when youre getting free stuff so I just got Clarity (they didnt have freshwater or electric eel) and Knight Divine (I want me some chrome yellow!). Clarity is a matte rich aqua color and very similar to Electric Eel, there was barely any difference when I swatched them on my hand but Electric Eel is a satin bright blue e/s with shimmer. Knight Divine ( i kept thinking Dark Knight! haha) is a Black with silver pear e/s its almost like dark gray though. Im about half done with the blue palette! yay! but im not buying anymore haha I constantly have to tell myself not to, but it just happens haha but mind you I just participated in a recycling program and just got them for free so that doesnt count haha.

Hot mess. LOL

This wouldve been so much better with chrome yellow :(

What I Used:

UDPP - base
Coastal Scent Yellow E/S - lid
M.A.C. Clarity E/S - lid, crease
M.A.C. Prussian - outer corner crease
M.A.C. Nylon - inner corner
M.A.C. MSF in Perfect Topping (Sugarsweet Collection) - brow highlight

M.A.C. Studio Sculpt Fdtn
M.A.C.Moisture Cover concealer
Blush from the Coastal Scents Blush Paltte (1st pan on the bottom)

I wish I coudve taken better pictures but we were in a hurry to get to my cousins spelling bee. He was his schools representative for the county and he was one of the youngest. He's in 3rd grade and was up against 8th graders! how fair is that? but anyway, proud that he made it that far :)

MSF - Refined (Tan/peach/coral melange)

MSF - Perfect Topping (Pink/peach/lavender melange)

I love Perfect Topping. I got the wrong one, I was supposed to get refined which suits my coloring much better but I tried it anyway and I love it. Though I dont see myself buying more soon since it has very limited use. Im not a fan of the frying pan look so this I will mostly use as a cheek, nose, brow highlighter and its huge! It will take me years to finish it. My Belightful is about a year old and its pretty much intact.

But looking at Refined makes me want to get it haha. Nah, decisions are constantly made and though i feel tempted all the time to just splurge I always have to remind myself that my luck will eventually run out and in a few months I will be back to being broke again. So i better save!


Ahh decisions decsions. I wish that when we decide, it becomes written on stone hahah. But life doesnt work that way and you have to remind yourself over and over again the reasons for your decisions. Like deciding not to get Refined. Whenever I see it, i have to tell myslef over and over again that I dont NEED it haha i just WANT it. No but I guess I wouldnt want it be that way. Its just so complicated haha we always have to conscioulsy make those decisions even when we say or think weve decided haha

We are always faced with decisions. What to eat? What to wear? What to watch?blah blah blah. And bigger decisions in life, "What do I do?" and making decisions is never easy. Especially when you constantly remind yourself that the decisions you make now will affect you in the future (think-butterfly effect haha) But thats the thing, how do you know that the decision you made was the right one? Most of the time, we find out, when we realize that we made the wrong decision.


xeends said...

gnda tlaga ni maui..yay!


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