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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coastal Scents Product Images and Reviews

I guess its about time to give a review about the stuff I recently just got from Coastal Scents. Im sure there are a gazillion of them, but most of the ones Ive seen were made by people who have light to fair skin. I was looking for reviews made by people who had the same or similar coloring as me and I think I only found one. So I hope this helps.

Stuff I got:

1. 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette
2. 88 Matte Palette

3. 10 Blush Palette

4. Gel liners in Envious (green), Sky line (light blue), and Indigo Blue

5. Contour and Blush Palette
6. Italian Badger angle brush
7. Synthetic angle blush and define
8. Pink Blending Fluff Brush

9. 8 pack 26 mm Magnetic pans

88 Ultra Shimmer Palette and 88 Matte Palette (5 out of 5)

Okay, so it might seem a little crazy to have both based on what the pictures look like. They have similar colors but the formulas are different. The Matte palette of course has matte colors a few shimmery and satin ones too. The Ultra Shimmer palette speaks for itself. haha Overall, I find them to be very good. There were only a few shadows thar were not as pigmented and would fade after a while. The Matte palette is a little bit chalky and you really need a base for these shadows; pretty sure that they would eventually fade if you dont use one. And since its a bit chalky theres more fallout than the usual. The Shimmer palette is crazy-chalky too! but it gets the job done and for the price, you really cant complain.

Before ordering I already knew that theyre quite small, the pans are about as big as a dime. But I really didnt realize how small they were until I saw them. But, since theyre very pigmented, you do not need much. *I've also seen some on evilbay, starmakeuphaven and on multiply. The same products that come from the same Manufacturer and theyre a bit cheaper. I just chose to get it from Coastal Scents because ive heard that customer service was great and I didnt want any hassle on returns if I got broken shadows/palettes.

These palettes deliver! 5 out of 5 becuase theyre highly pigmented and good color pay off, has a variety of colors, I liked the variation in the formulas too. The only thing I dont like is there seems to be a lot more fallout than the usual since most tend to be chalky but im overlooking that because for the price, nothing beats it! haha

I dont like the new packaging. It used to be plain black and now they have Coastal scents printed on it, I think it kind of makes it look cheap with the font that was used. I actually tried rubbing it out off with acetone haha which made it worse. But I planned on covering it up with something anyway

They both look the same. But theyre actually very different

Left: Matte; Right: Shimmer

Left: Shimmer; Right: Matte

Size compared to M.A.C. Eye shadows

10 Blush Palette
(5 out of 5)

This was the only palette that I wanst sure of getting. The reviews I saw online were mostly from either fair skinned or darker skinned girls. I wasnt sure about it because the colors seemed a little too intense for my coloring and I do not fancy looking like a clown. But it was around 16 dollars! One blush from M.A.C. is 18! do the math. Even if I end up using 2 - 4 blushes, this palette saved me a lot of money. But this has got to be my favorite out of all the stuff I ordered. The blushes can be as intense or as sheer as you want them to be depending on how heavy or light you apply them. There are 4 matte blushes and the rest are kind of shimmery/sheer.

5! 5! 5! These blushes are gorgeous! im in love with it! go get this and do not hesitate im glad I did :)

Plain Black Matte Case (Just the way I like it-pretty sure theyre all going to have that tacky label soon though)
1st , 3rd, 4th and 5th on the bottom is matte

Size Comparison: Next to M.A.C. eye shadows and Pressed iridescent powder (belightful)

6 Color Contour and Blush Palette (4 out of 5)

I was most excited about this one. I got M.A.C's sculpting duo a couple of months back and loved it. I wanted an alternate though because I didnt want to use it every single time I go out (it's too precious to waste haha) So I was thrilled to see this on the Coastal Scents website.

The first time I tried it, I used the Italian Badger Angle Brush (I bought it for this palette) and i ended up looking like I had dirt on my face :( The highlights made me look ghastly, it was a little too chalky. But I knew I had to try it again sooo. I used a different brush and the contour powder was great, similar to M.A.C.'s shadester. I really do find them easy to use and they can go on as light and as dark as you want them too; pretty much like the blushes, it all depends on how heavy or light you apply them. I found that you have to go a little light with the highlighters, I use the second one on the top. I dont think i'll ever have any use for the white one maybe i'll use it to pack under my eyes before applying eye shadow to catch fallout but I havent tried. The highlighter on the bottom I can use for my brow bone and maybe try it when my tan fades lol

BUT the blushes make it worth it. The blushes that come with it are not in the blush palette, and these colors are perfect for my coloring! They remind me of something like M.A.C.'s margin or cubic. And the pans are HUGE!

4 out of 5 because I just dont think that the highlighters are very useful to people who have the same or similar coloring as me.

This has that tacky label too :/ I wish they left it alone or did something better with it.

Size Compared to M.A.C. Iridiscent pressed powder (belightful)

Gel Liners (5 out of 5)

Its not very often that I see an eyeliner that looks interesting. I got these because I thought skyline and envious were pretty nice colors and I planned on using them as a base too. Skyline and envious were great, the only annoying thing was the mouth of the pot is a little small but other than that its fine. The indigo blue, which I actually got for my mom was disappointing though. When I opened it, it was kind of misshaped and was kind of moist very far from how the two others were. We didnt see it though after a few days so I couldn't get a replacement. But ive read some reviews saying that the replacements were the same as well. So I guess its because of the formula or something. What I do with it though is I put it in the freezer before use.

5 out of 5 for Envious and skyline - nice colors, multi-purpose and does the job!
1 out of 5 for Indigo blue :( too bad, I really liked the color but everyone seems to be having a problem with theirs too.

TOP: Loreal HIP eyeliner (ya'll know what it is, I forgot exactly what its called) and M.A.C. Paint pot (Delft)
Bottom: Indigo Blue (i dont know if you can see it, its a little watery), envious (green), skyline (sky blue)

Big Difference! Oily/watery indigo blue and creamy solid envious

Pink Blending Fluff Brush (4 out of 5)
Im not sure if its obvious in the picture, but this is huge! I dont think i'll ever use this for eye makeup unless im just putting a wash of color. But for what its supposed to do? nahh. I use this for highlighting though, tried contouring with it but its a little to fluffy and flimsy. It works well buffing out harsh contour lines though. I like this brush but im giving it a 4 out of 5 because it doesnt do what its supposed to do! haha but there are many other uses for it so im keeping it in my kit.

It did shed quite a bit when I washed it (2-5 hairs and some that broke) but its so dense and soft too. It did however, become a little more fluffy after it dried.

Synthethic Angle Blush and Define (3 out of 5)

Ive only used this a couple of times. I still prefer my stippling brush or my 2$ elf brush (that came with a bronzer btw) for contouring and blush. Yes! I would rather use a semi prickly brush over this! haha

I love how its soft for a synthetic brush but its not as dense as it looks :/ I feel like im wasting a whole lot of product whenever im using it. It picks up color, but the color stays on the brush! haha the only good thing about that is you dont have to worry about getting too much on your face on the first application. I was disspointed, but its an okay brush better than the one below.

It did not shed when I washed it, it didnt have a strong odor to it either and surprisingly it was back to its old shape when it dried.

I aplogize for the dirty brush lol

Italian Badger Angle Brush (1 out of 5)

The only reason why I gave it 1 out of 5 is because I like how it looks haha. Its a little smaller than I expected but I thought it would be perfect for contouring. I was so excited to use it, so I washed it immediately only to find that it lost its shape after washing. Im not mean to my brushes and the ones ive had for 2 years look fine so you cant put the blame on me! haha

One wash and it was blech. It also isnt as dense as it looked like. But I still tried it, I tried contouring with this brush and it made me look like I had dirt on my face! Im not an expert on contouring or what not but other brushes seem to work well soo if my technique and the other brushes work then clearly this brush doesnt! haha.

But seriously, I was so excited to get this. sad oh well. I'll probably keep it as a back up blush brush or to buff out excess blush. But keep your $6-7, not worth it!


Carla said...

Dude i want the 88 shimmer na next, ralph promised to get me the contour so i cant wait for that either hahaahha Adik narin ako hayyyy... this is so exciting!! lol

Sush said...

I havent used the contour as much as I thought I would. I still love the one from mac but i like the blushes that come with it.

hahaha menn we will have so much the next time we see each other. makeup nights is never going to be the same! haha

xeends said...

make up junkie tlaga..haha :D i really learn something by reading ur post about make up..;)lookin' forward to ur video..lol


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