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Thursday, March 26, 2009


First of all, Happy anniversary/monthsary to my love caby and ralph!

Anyway, yeah that was related because they officially got together about 2 days after I left. haha So its my 3rd monthsary too! Well actually it was yesterday, the 24th.

and time goes by so fassst! its insane. I feel like im in between, I feel that I left just recently but also feel like ive been floating around for quite some time now too. When I think about it, 3 months is such a short span of time you know? But a lot of things have happened, so I feel like its all been stretched out into a year.

See, for 2009 I :
1. Passed the Nursing board exam
2. got a "job"
3. have seen my baby cousin GROW!

and a bunch of other stuff. I got lazy to complete the list. But some of those things are just soo insignificant to me right now and I just get lost. I cant even keep track of days and dates. Im just floating. And thats what ive been doing for 3 months. Everything is robotic. I once complained to a friend and he said "ahh, SSDD" I had no idea what that meant so I asked. "Same shit, different day". But what else is there to do?

The only thing keeping me here is my Mother and my income. haha of course my mom is way more important, my sideline is just a bonus. I get to see her once a year every christmas. So I found this as an oppurtunity to spend more time with her. I will miss her when I go back home, so im trying to make the most out of it. And soo, nothing is going to make me go home. Even though there are days when I just feel so lonely that I want to get on the next available flight back home. But, time and timing ahh is not always on our side. And what is 6 months? compared to the 4-5 years that my mom has spent away from home? I also dont know when I can go back to visit my mom so I finally decided. The rest of the world can wait! It isnt like its going to stop with me. So I say, carpe diem!

But on a lighter note, this trip has taught me a lot of things. Little things that I consider to be missing pieces of myself. Which I will not divulge here because well who cares really hahaha. I think I will look back at this someday and be happy with my decision. Emphasis on someday. haha i am so not feeling it right now!

Facebook! Is keeping me company. I was just telling caby a while ago "I freakin comment on just about anything I see on facebook, thats how bored I am!" haha. But really, friends on facebook and elsewhere are making it easier. So thanks guys. I just really do not need to spend any more time with myself! So while Dia isnt around yet, virtual friends will do. lol. well atleast, they arent imaginary!

And while some are just so awesome right now. I cant help but wonder if things are going to be the same when I get back. Again with the 3 months thing. So much has happened not just to me but to other people too. I feel sad that a lot of things that I was used to has passed as the year ended. Its just never going to be the same! It doesnt help knowing that most, if not all my girls are losers now. I call them losers because they have a job and have no time for me. haha.

Anyway, I originally put 3 as the title of this entry. but yadah yadah yadah yadah. The 3 months that have passed has been both pretty good and very bad. Kind of scary to think of what else is in store for me for the next 9 months. Im kind of hoping that ive had my fill of the bad stuff already and the next 9 months will all be smooth sailing haha wishful thinking!

So though I dont believe in this crap, here is my 2009 horoscope (HAHAHA)

2009: Leo Horoscope: Love, Career, & General Trends

2009 Overview. 2009 is likely to be a banner year for relationships, connecting with a significant other, and work with the public, dear Leo. Some of you will form a partnership that either leads to marriage or is otherwise significant, some will enhance an existing close relationship, and most will derive much joy from their relationships with significant others. New partners met this year are likely to feel much like a breath of fresh air. Challenging relationships, or challenges in relationships, tend to be left behind. 2009 is a commitment-friendly year for you. Some of you will be taking a casual affair to a whole new level. Romance becomes a little more serious, but "fun-serious". Many of you will fall in love, or re-commit to a current lover. You continue to buckle down with money this year. Matters are not moving quickly when it comes to personal finances—in fact, there can be some struggles regarding unpredictable trends with money from outside sources or shared with a partner, which should be sorted out by October. Those born early in the sign (from July 23-27) may be required to make adjustments in their work and health routines in order to accommodate new changing circumstances. Towards the end of year, many of you will be getting serious about learning, studying hard, and changing your attitudes towards work. Many will be working on perfecting and refining skills that will be useful on the job, and some will be forced into that position. Career matters are dynamic and exciting from June 7-July 5.

Okay, see this just proves that im not typical LEO haha the whole "feel" of the prediction might be the exact opposite of whats happening in my life. The "changing attitudes towards work" would be nice though.

If youre interested to read the rest of this mumbo jumbo LEO 2009 detailed (yes theres more!) horoscope prediction you may CLICK ME. Those who want to check out their own mumbo jumbo 2009 predictions may CLICK ME

hmm and a bunch of other interesting other stuff there too!! that I will now go check haha. Oh I am not in any way associated with the website. I just typed 2009 horoscope leo and clicked on some random link. anyway.

Salvation was scribbled onto the Door
frantic, impatient
yet unforgiving
Beckoning with a single message
to All -



Carla said...

Mauitot this is a beautiful post. it's soulful. BIG BIGG HUGGG FOR YOU!!! :)

Sush said...

Virtual hug! yay! thanks :)


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