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Sunday, November 22, 2009

32 Lip Palette

As promised here is a review and swatches of the 32 lip palette. :) This is the bigger palette. There are two 32 lip palette, the other one is the compact palette and they have different lipstick shades. I personally prefer the bigger palettes shades.

I got this from Dollface Cosmetics for P700 (including the 50 shipping fee). Purchased it for makeup classes before I finally decided to postpone it for next year. I was surprised that it was packed with a lot of bubble wrap. Id understand if it was an eyeshadow palette. Dont thnk this would crack easily but kudos to Pearl from Dollface Cosmetics for making extra sure the palette gets here in perfect condition.

Here are Product images and swatches:

The 32 Lip Palette

Some of the shades leaked? I think its the oil component of the
lipstick that leaked during shipping, no biggie though

Size comparison, next to a 10 peso coin

on paper

on my arm; its actually on reverse my bad haha labeled it so you can
tell which is which. Click on the image to view in full size

A really bad job swatching on my lips haha

Why you should buy it:
- Comes in 32 different shades
- Easier to travel with just one palette instead of dozens of lipsticks hehe
- Almost all of the shades are very pigmented. Has matte lipsticks, frosts and only 3 are sheer
-Im sure you cant see much of the difference with the colors from my picture, but only two colors are very similar (the bronze/gold ones)
- Creamy texture, easy to apply
- Has a good range of colors. You can also mix the colors.
- Affordable

What you should consider:
- You might want to ask for the ingredients especially if youre very sensitive or have allergies
- Lip Palettes have a shorter shelf life than lipstick tubes
- Make sure to be hygienic with it because bacteria tends to thrive more on products that are in (well) palettes
- You have to store this in a cooler place to prevent it from melting.

I think this is a good palette to start out with especially if youre budgets a bit tight. This would also make for a really good christmas gift! I purchased this becuase I didnt want to carry too many lipsticks in my case, didnt want to have too many extra bags/containers to bring to school and didnt want to spend too much haha. Overall a great product!

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Pearl said...

thanks for the review! ill repost on my site if you dont mind. everybody just loves this palette, i already have 2 existing reviews of this one on my site. but we could always use one more. thanks maui :)

Sush said...

Sure :) Im really happy with it, thanks again Pearl!


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