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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


More pictures from the Shoot 2 weeks ago =)

Everyones busy and getting ready

Baby hehe

Starting on Sheena

Almost Done

There! They wanted Nerd/eccentric/pretty geek =)

Clean look, Pretty Sheena =) Makeup held up well. This was taken several hours after.
RCMA Invisible setting Powder, I love you!

Haggardness Me (lol - see how my hair goes weird sometimes), Sheena and Stylist Meg =)

Me and Direk

Pictures stolen from Direk LOL

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Caby said...

Major marketing for this and Bisita starts tomorrow. Tagal ma upload eh!

Sush said...

Wee! Yeah I was wondering about the videos. *Exciting* :D

~Lisa said...

OOh! The excitement of this! LOL, I just love behind the scenes stuff. ^^

LOLanne said...

omg that sheena girl is gorgeous :) i'm jealous of her crease!! ^^


Sush said...

Lisa: haha yeah :) Cant wait to share the video

@Anne: Yes, she is. And so am I! hahaha :)


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