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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Pictures

Halloween Pictures. Picture heavy!!

Click on the Images to view in Full Size :D

Creating the base with the very handy & multipurpose Glue hehe

Terminator! :D

Bad Leopard :D


Terminator, My Pocahontas friend and Leopard



Me and My Girls :D (Betty la Fea Michie, Old Hollywood Actress Caby, Confused Person Me lol and Pocahontas Kathy)

Cabyness and I (4 Shades darker! lol will post about that next time :D )

My Halloween Projects. Brother and Phil :D

With the Leopard :D

With the Terminator :D

HAHAHA. I didnt know what to go as. Someone said Rihanna. I say whatever you think it is. But more or less its Beauty Queen/Rihanna/Vampire lol

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Anonymous said...


you look so gorgeous hereeeee :)

teeyah. said...

Hello there, hawtness! :) Your makeup is perfect, is that a smoky eye? And you're so sexy!

♥ mia said...

really great job with ur brother's makeup!

how come u didn't go as skeletor hahaha jk! ;)

Sush said...

@Jing: aww thanks sweetheart! :D

@Teeyah: Thank you! haha yeah, I didnt have time to do anything crazy so I just went with something tried and tested and quick and easy heheh.

@Mia: Thank you! haha I didnt want to scare people away lol

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

haha.cross breed ba ni rhianna vampire queen.you look gorgeous.sexy.^^

Pop Champagne said...

haha I love halloween! It's ok even though I went as lady gaga for work people still assume I'm some sort of anime character like sailor moon... cuz asian girl with blonde hair... gosh sterotypes! HAHAHA whatever looks like you had loads of fun and you were super hot!!

kulay kahel said...

dear so beauty and the beast ba kyo ni ipe? hehe

Sush said...

Shobe: hahaha sort of? thank you! :D

Pop Champagne: You looked super cute! haha :)

Kulay Kahel: ay oo pwede hahahaha

Elsa said...

grabe ang galing parang totoo ang mga wounds! Thumbs up for the heartshaped wound! haha!

Eugenia said...

you did such a good job on everyones makeup!! very very realistic :)

Kym said...

great simple outfit! love the leopard makeup! and betty la fea! hahaha! ;P awesome stuff! :P can't wait to read more..

Sush said...

Eugenia: Thanks dear! :)

Kym: Thank you! yeah haha my friend's Betty La Fea costume worked pretty well haha and my wig was perfect for it, so cute! hahah

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

you look soooooooooo purteeee...i love your contacts. =)

NiƱa said...

you did the make up on the dudes? awesome!

Sush said...

Mel: Thank you! :) Theyre the cheapest ones haha you can get them at optical stores for 650 i think and they last for 3 months only heheh. I get bored easily with contact colors

Nina: Thank you!:) hehe

kikayfetz said...

Lovin the bad leopard picture!! James Dean-ish LOL Great job as usual Maui! Galing nung snout and whisker roots (hahaha I dunno what they're called hahaha)

Sush said...

hahaha thank you Fetz! actually Phil did the whisker roots and some of the details cause I had to get dressed up. I think we left the house at around 9 when we were supposed to be at the place at 7 LOL

~Lisa said...

You look great!! And the Terminator and Leopard too. The leopard looks so cool =D

Hope you had fun

xeends said...

yay! you look georgeous!..=D wOOOOw!


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