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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Feels like Christmas Morning!

Its hard to get things back to "regular programming" after doing so many Halloween posts ( I really do miss Halloween Makeup haha) But heres a review :)

Imagine waking up to this....

Woot! Im a happy little girl :D

One thing I look forward to every year (well, aside from Halloween. And Spending Christmas in the US-which isnt happening this year btw :/ stupid expring visa lol) are the brush sets that Costco comes out with during the -ber months. I anxiously await what theyre going to come up with and im always happy with them hehe.

I first got a brush set in 2007 (my very very first brush set) and I loved how they were so soft. Insane soft. And very durable (I still have the brushes from that set and theyre all in perfect condition.)

Last years set was a tad bit dissapointing than the set from 2007. They were all of great quality, I just thought that the brushes that came in that set were not all essentials. As compared to the set from 2007 which had all the brushes you'll ever need when youre starting out. I do however love the angled/spoolie duo from that set and im glad its also in this years set!

This year, I really didnt think I wanted to get the set. Since I mostly have the brushes I need. And I will be getting an insane brush set to use for school. Buut, when I saw it online. I knew I had to have it! haha I think this is the best one that they came out with. I love you Mom! haha :D

Large powder Brush, Flat Top Brush, Angled foundation Brush, Eyeshadow brush. Blending Brush, Flat Eyeliner Brush, Eye Smudger, Brow Brush and Spooley Duo, Eyelash Curler, Travel Size Powder Brush, Traver Size Concealer Brush, Travel Size Eye Blending Brush, Travel Size Flat Eyeliner Brush, 2 Cosmetic Brush Case

It comes in this cute packaging ( I love that its less bulkier than the previous' years packaging) that flips open. The brush roll/case is more compact which is handy when you need to travel with them. It comes with an eyelash curler and a Mini set! I just love it! The handles this year are black and they have this slightly rubbery feel to them. And the best part? These brushes are cruelty free! They are made with anti-microbial and synthetic bristles. Treated with anti-microbial formula that helps prevent harmful bacteria and mold growth that can easily gather on brushes.

The Mini Brush set in its case! How handy! So much easier to
have smaller brushes when traveling and for touch ups!

The Mommies and the Babies
(Powder Brush, Blending Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Flat Liner Brush)

I know you cant really see how dense they are
from my picture, but they are! :)

Faux leather Brush Cases

The Case it comes with this year.
I actually like this better than the roll :)

Why you should buy it:
  1. Super Soft
  2. Very Dense
  3. Cruelty Free! Synthetic Fibers
  4. Comes with Brush cases
  5. Great Quality brushes
  6. Comes with Mini brushes
  7. For the price of say, a single M.A.C. brush :D

What you should consider:
  1. Uhm nothing!

They are all laid out flat and bathed hehe. Im going to play with my new toys as soon as theyre dry :D Sorry font on this post is just messed up. I tried changing the font and this is what happened. Couldnt change it back to normal. Darn it.

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Caby said...

guess what mine is purchased na rin!! :)

donnarence said...

wow.. where to buy?? the brush looks so soft..

Lisa Kate said...

Wait, Costco like the grocery store???

Sush said...

Caby, im not surprised hahaha. This set has my approval stamp all over it. I love it! :)

Donna. they are very soft! Always impressed with how soft their brushes are, you wouldnt think theyre synthetic! You can get this from Costco you can check online (www.costco.com) Im getting a few to resell though I dont know when i'll get them yet

Sush said...

Lisa, YES! hahaha. :)

Eugenia said...

oooo!! those do look like a good buy! i've always heard about costco.. but i dont think theres one by me :(

Lisa Kate said...

I am SO there!! Now I gotta figure out a way to make my husband come with me...its sort of in the ghetto! I will risk my life for good makeup brushes XD

// krissy ♥ said...

sweeeet. your babies look pretty! :)

~Lisa said...

I want one now!! Yay for brushes!! ^-^

geli-pet said...

wow, how much is this? :D i want one too.

♥ mia said...

nice! you've got full-sized brushes and travel-sized ones too! luv the mommies and babies pic haha

and do i see an eyelash curler too? coolness!

Ida said...

they look great! i like the quilted case also. lucky you :D

Sush said...

Eugenia: there isnt one in my country! heheh but these brushes are really a good deal :)

Lisa Kate: ohhh haha be careful then, and have the hubby with you :)

Krissy: thanks, cant wait to play with them :)

Lisa: Yay indeed :D haha

Geli: Its around 26.99 on the website plus tax :)

Mia: hahaha yeah the mommy and baby brushes are cute. They eylash curler is awesome too, has those silicone? pads. I used them about 6 hours ago went to sleep and woke up with perfectly curled lashes still hahah

Ida: Thanks hehe :) I love them

Askmewhats said...

Kirkland makes great brush sets yearly!!! and yours is so pretty !:) Love the packaging :)

Sush said...

Yes they do Nikki :) I toldy mself i wont get one this year cause its insane and I keep complaining everytime I have to wash brushes haha but I couldnt resist :)

lindah said...

I think I'm about to place an order online... since I don't have a costco card :( MAYBE I'll beg my boss to buy it for me! LOLLL... and then I'll pay him back XD

Sush said...

Lindah, hahahaha I think its cheaper if you get someone who has a card to buy it, so beg well hahaha :)

Becks said...

I've heard great things about these brushes too!

Sush said...

I love it :)

Gracey said...

Nice! Do you know how can I get one? The other brush set is out, the white one, but I like this better!

Sush said...

Theres another set from this year? If youre from the US you can get this at Costco, you can also order online through the website wwww.costco.com :)


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