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Friday, November 27, 2009

Twilight makeup, anyone?

I happen to be surfing and came across an article about Twilight Makeup!! Crazy right? Just a few weeks ago I saw Twilight candies and now they have Twilight makeup? What?! haha. They have everything from eyeshadows, lipglosses, mascara, blushes, palettes, eyelid primer and a whole bunch of stuff to get you to look vampy hot! LOL

From the website,

"The goal for Twilight Beauty was to create two beautiful and striking lines that women could fall in love with, much in the same way they fell in love with the Twilight saga. The hope is that, beyond the lure of its edgy, sophisticated packaging, true makeup consumers will find they have discovered products they can’t live without."

There are two lines which were released in conjuction with the release of the Movie, New Moon. Totally riding on Twilight's success in my opinion, but definitely a genius idea! What with the holidays just around the corner, im sure tweens all over the world and perhaps most Twilight fans would want to own some Twilight makeup. Great Stocking Stuffer! haha :)

Here are some of the more interesting product images from the Luna Twilight line:

"Mortal Glow Blushing Creme" $22

A blend of mousse and cream with a satiny finish. Distinct colors create a
melange that forms a pattern unique to each individual blush.

Swoon - the ultimate trio of nudes
Adrenaline - Warm and cool pinks blended

  • Shades remind me a lot of the MSF's from the M.A.C. Sugar Sweet Collection

"Luna Twilight Color Palettes" $28

Bella – Soft and Subtle with nude shadows, warm nude blush, nude lipstick and the sheerest cherry red gloss.

Victoria – Bold and Fiery with shimmering jewel-toned shadows and deep wine colored lipstick and gloss.

Rosalie – Regal and Refined with peach toned shadows, a coral blush and apricot lipsticks and gloss.

Alice – Eclectic and Spunky with shimmering blue and silver shadows, rosy blush and sheer hot pink lips.

"Twilight Venom" $16

"Twilight Venom is a shimmering crimson lip stain suspended in a venom-laced lip conditioner with an intensely potent bite. Its exhilarating formula plumps and hydrates with argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil and vitamin E."

Because you cant just credit immortality for their gorgeous faces. No, no, they have Vollturi makeup for that! hahaha. They also have a makeup line called Volturi Twilight! haha This is seriously amusing me and kudos to the person/team who pitched this idea!

Here are some of the more interesting product images from the Volturi Twilight line:

"Volturi Crown Mettalic Mascara" $16

Volumizing and lengthening with a metallic finish. Available in 3 shades: Black Knight, Royal Blue and Silver Plated

  • The also have a Mascara from the Luna Twilight line that comes in Panther (Dark Brown), Lapiz (Almost indigo blue) and Mist (silver)

"Volturi Foreshadow Eyelid Primer" $11

Silky champagne colored balm that goes on colorless to prime the lids for creaseless, long lasting shadow application.

  • Now this looks like something id want to try haha

"Labyrinth Loose Eyeshadow" $9

Decadent shimmer shadows in stackable compartments.

Available in the following shades:

Lover – hot shimmering pink
Myth – warm metallic pewter
Frost – snowy white shimmer
Beloved – iridescent baby pink
Dusk – Deep metallic eggplant
Dawn – Sparkling champagne
Legend – glittering silver

All items posted on this blog post and a few more other products are available at www.Twilightbeauty.com For people from the UK and Europe you may get your hands on these by ordering at www.simplebeauty.co.uk

Very very interesting haha. I mean come on, even I want to own a Volturi Mascara hahaha. The packaging is really nice too! Its just too bad this makeup line wont be available to anyone from outside the US, Europe and UK for now. But im pretty sure theyd be getting a lot of orders this Holiday Season! :)

Have a great weekend everyone! :D

*Product images and excerpts from products description were all borrowed from Twilight Beauty

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Princesa Livia said...

These look great, I'd love to try them! I wonder what's the quality like with these products.. :) xx Livia

Sush said...

Also curious about that too. Hoping it isnt just one of those worthless cutesy cutesy stuff. some of the products look nice :)

M :) said...

If Ryan was a girl, he would so buy this. By the way, he wants to spread the word that Alice is prettier than Bella. IDK who these people are but, my husband, well you know the story. Hahaha.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Pretty stuff. I think I'm head over heels with the Labyrinth Loose Eyeshadow. The colors look amazing.

LOLanne said...

ugh all this twilight bla everywhere is making me go crazy! my MANAGER at work (a grown woman with grown kids!) wont stop talking about it ughhh.
not a hater... just saying lol

and now, twilight make up?!??! bahhhh lol


Shifa said...

i love the look of the blush creme! would give it a try

Caby said...

Is there a Jacob lipgloss? I'd love the idea of that. haha

oOchaOo said...

if thats available here, i would love to get one!! *i just hope the quality is nice too* :)
i like the rosalie palette and the volturi mascarra <3 hihi

Askmewhats said...

they are really that famous that even makeup have these types of limited editions no? hahaha

Sush said...

Mara, haha you should get him some for christmas! LOL maybe some body mist or body shimmer hahahaha

Mel, yeah they do look interesting :)

Anne, haha yeah I wonder what new Twilight stuff theyre gona come up with haha

Shifa, the colors are really nice. I just dont know how a swrily patterned blush creme would work though hehe sounds messy but the colors are really pretty

Caby, hahah yeah I was thinking hey! no werewolf makeup? or werewolf waxing kit? hahaha

Cha, I would get the same things if they were available here those are the ones I really like heheh

xeends said...

wow nice post!..i super like the volturi mascara..yay!..=D how i wish it's available here..hehe

Sush said...

Hehe thanks Cindy :)

// krissy ♥ said...

I read an article in The Daily Mail just today that pale makeup is now becoming more in fashion and the fake orange tan is already out. Oh well, I never thought those fake baked skin of the likes of Katie Price etc looked attractive anyway XD

Sush said...

ooh really? I have no chance of becoming pale even if i wanted to haha I love fake baking though lol :)

Carine said...

I don't like but I like the packaging of these products ^^

Sush said...

the packaging does look nice, Carine :)

acutelife said...

LOLz this is what you call seize the moment :p I just saw a volve advertisement based on the movie -.-" isnt getting abit too much? lolz but I dont mind trying the loose eyeshadow ;)

Sush said...

Yeah tons of twilight this and that :)

Sooshi said...

OMG I saw these last weekend. The whole line is sooooo sparkly.

Sush said...

Are you serious? haha makes sense though, since twilight vampires are sparkly under the sun heheh

Marce said...

Marketing at its best, LOL I don't know if I'd buy anything from this collection, the palette's look pretty cute, but for other products I'd prefer to check out swatches and reviews first!

Sush said...

Oh definitely :) Could be one of those makeup made for kids or something hehe. I do like the colors from the Rosalie Palette though :)

Golden said...

I was even shocked to see a turo-turo here in Baguio named "Twilight". LOL


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