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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This or That?

Another poll like post hehe. If youve seen my Halloween pictures, youve probably noticed that I got a few shades darker (or not? lol ) But yeah, I did, probably about 2-4 shades darker on my foundation palette. Why? Because Im nuts! haha Im a lover of the sun. And ive been hiding under a rock for about 4 months lol.

It actually confuses me sometimes, when putting on foundation. Since I tend to mix colors based on what I KNOW my skin tone is rather than what it ACTUALLY is. So imagine how horrified I am when I step out of my room and find that my face is darker than my legs LOL (I have really bad lighting in my room - and well legs are usually lighter ). Good thing it doesnt really matter when im wearing jeans haha

But I really hated having different skin tones. Ive been planning on going to the beach but that hasnt happened. Soo, I whipped out my sunless tanner lol. I got it while I stayed in the US for a bit. It wasnt enough that I baked myself in the backyard, I actually bought a tanning lotion. Which would probably seem weird to most of you, because im not fair skinned to begin with.

But anyway, i'll get into that next time :)Im blabbing, yet again. Time for this or that! haha


See, im not that fair skinned. And some might think that
there isnt an actual difference lol


Decided to post this one, cause its the only picture where the
lighting/flash didnt mess up with my color

I cant really post a more recent picture other than that from Halloween. Cause my color is fading. Some parts are actually peeling, a bit odd but I figured its because I did layer on a lot of it haha. I personally like myself darker, but most people dont. Though its a good change to be a bit lighter once in a while. I actually dont know what my natural skin color is! hahaha I was a swimmer for a good couple of years back when I was younger. And I just feel like the tan never really faded away LOL Lucky me, im tan all year round! :D

Anyhoo, enough blabbing. I'll post the review next time I feel a bit pasty so I can take pictures :D

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alittlebitofevrything said...

let me begin with: you're absolutely gorgeous!

now, on to your poll. you look so dewey in the first picture, and more.. edgy in the next? its probably the setting, clothing, and lighting. as for your skin tone, it looks exactly the same! lucky girl :) i love both, and cute hair!

thanks for your sweet comment :) and i had no freakinggg idea costco sold different brush sets every year! i loveeee this one tho so yay!

Sush said...

Thank you! hahah yeah its not much of a difference since im already dark :) I should probably post leg pictures when I do a review hahah

And yes they do! I wait for them every year lol. Well for the past 2 years. This ones the best ive seen so far. last years was just so so. I hope I get my hands on them haha

Toothfairy said...

hmm... I think you're beautiful either way... but IF I had to choose I'd say dark as well. but well you really do look beautiful both ways.


// krissy ♥ said...

you look gorgeous either way :)

Askmewhats said...

you look great in both shades I don't even think you're too dark or anything, you just look pretty

The NeuroChiq said...

You look hot in both shades honey, but my personal choice is...darker! I think it brings out the "RAWR" in you! =D Too bad I can't flaunt tanned skin, I tried before, but I didn't do justice. Not a bit! LOL.

Pammy said...

Doesn't matter. You look gorgeous! :)

geli-pet said...

you look hot when darker :D

Soapaholic said...

Honestly you look great in either picture, but you look hotter when tanned and prettier when fair, if that makes sense.:) I go for the lighter one though cos I like pretty looks hehe.

Sush said...

Thank you all for the comments! Darker wins! hahaha :D

Toothfairy: Aw thank you! :)

Krissy: Thank you! :D

Nikki: Thank you!

Dang: haha thank you! I think its because im naturaaly dark anyway hahah and youre naturally fair skinned :D

Pammy: Thanks dear!

Geli: Thank you! :D

Soapaholic: Yeah that does make sense haha :)

~Lisa said...

I think there's not too much of a difference but I like fairer one because it's kind of a more innocent look =]


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