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Sunday, November 8, 2009

L'oreal HiP Cream Shadow Paint


Ive always wanted to try these. But at $9-$11, I was afraid i'd like them and get all shades hahaha. Im a lucky happy girl, I cant complain. And Thank you Mom! haha Got these along with the Brush set and many other things. Christmas Morning indeed! :D

909 Steely (almost gunmetal black), 809 Lofty (pink champagne color),
817 Nervy (Brown mocha color)

It comes with a Mini Brush for application which is good because I just messed up a
brush after using it with a black cream base :/

And it has this application well, which is also great since my steel mixing palette
gets a little too crazy with colors when I do my makeup

Swatches! Nervy, Lofty and Steely. Im giving
Nervy to Caby (got a little too excited and swatched it though hahaha)

This is a thick application, a lot comes out when you first puncture the tube

I will be sure to use this next time I put makeup on but for now here is what I think..

Why you Should buy it:
- Good e/s bases. Id say theyre comparable to pain pots
- You only need a small amount (will work better too)
- Very Pigmented
-Comes with an application brush

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GirL With GLasSes... said...


the colors look so pretty...

Rai said...

I have one in Lofty and use it as a base. It's superb!!

Askmewhats said...

I have one! :) and so far, it works ok :) thanks for the swatches :D

Sherry said...

I have not seen such packaging in malaysia.

ze German: Maria said...

i disagree. they're not comparable to paint pots. they are too creamy, hence crease more and take longer to dry. and they grab the product too well, so that blending becomes real difficult.

Kym said...

awww, christmas morning indeed.. now i can't wait for december! ;P

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

i LOVE your nails.

Sush said...

Jing, yes they are thanks :)

Rai, I have not tried them on but i love the colors :)

Nikki, youre welcome heheh :) cant wait to try them :)

Sherry, I havent seen these here in the Philippines too. Though I dont really go and check counters that often so im not sure if its locally available :)

Maria, Ive had a bit of problem with paint post as well with blending but I think I apply too much sometimes. I agree these are a lot creamier. i wouldnt suggest you apply a lot cause they do tend to budge if layered on thickly :)

Kym, hehehe :) yeah December is one of my favorite months :)

Cristina, Thank you! I really need to get them redone though hahah its starting to chip and my nails have grown long haha :)

Becks said...

Oooo they're pretty!! But do they crease?

~Lisa said...

They're so pigmented!! I want to try Lofty! ^-^

Sush said...

Becks, I just tried it today. Applied a shaodw on top of it. It didnt crease but the intensity was kinda meh after 12 hours hehe it looked really pretty half of the day though :)

Lisa, yeah Lofty is such a pretty color :)


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