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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Skeletor + Giveaway

Decided to do a Halloween face again since I havent in quite some time. Only, I get a little impatient in the middle of it. I made a couple of errors when I started doing it, but was determined to finish it. Well it turned out okay, just okay. Im not going to redo this for Halloween anyway so thats fine.

And speaking of Halloween,

Started out wrong. Placed the lines on the wrong places hehe

The coastal Scents green e/s kept on falling out. So i just stopped placing green. And I think it has too much teeth haha. This skeleton didnt have good Dental Care, she shouldve gone to the Toothfairy LOL


Shocked LOL

This is a look for I heart cosmetics Halloween Competition. You can also enter by leaving a comment. You can view the detailed rules to her giveaway by following this LINK.

Shes giving away: Halloween choclates from Hotel Chocolat x 2 (1 tombstone 1 skull lolly), Cupcake Peanut Butter Lipbalm x 1 from ASOS, Revlon Fantasy Lash False Lashes x 2 pairs of lashes, Urban Decay Hall of Fame box set x 1 box set, can be seen on Boots.com, Benefit Coralista x x 1 can be seen on Boots.com

Competition ends on October 24 at midnight!

What I used:
Elmers Glue (to cover the eyebrows)
Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation kit #3
Cinema Secrets Concealer palette kit #2
Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Beige
RCMA Invisible Setting powder
MAC E/S In vanilla, Carbon, Gold mine
Coastal Scents Matte Palette (Green E/s)
Wet n Wild kajal eyelines (sucks!!!)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

So a week and a few days left until Halloween. I told you I usually get excited really early but panic at the very last few days. Le sigh. I still dont know what to go as. Any ideas? Please? haha

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[ k r y k ] said...

waaaaa. inggit ako haha xD
i don't know to do such thing.
gusto ko rin mag Halloween face paint. galing mo talaga! <3

i just bought witch hat and broomstick.
any advice anung magandang makeup for that? hehe! Ü
natuwa ako maxado sa pic. :)

love it!

// krissy ♥ said...

you really are awesome when it comes to these stuff! :)

Sush said...

Kryk: hank you so much! hehe this is what you get for bumming around the house too much hahaha. ooh a witch! i think it depends if you want to go as a cute witch, a hot witch? a scary witch? there are tons of tutorials on youtube. I really like the vamp goth look. :) Go for a slightly pale face, dark eye/shadow, and dark lipstick (not black but perhaps a dark red or plum). I prefer the hot witch over the others haha. post your pictures! Im realy excited to see what everyone is going to dress up as :D

@Krissy: Thank you dear! :)

♥ mia said...

i cannot get over those teeth hahaha

ang galing mo wala ako masabi :P

Sush said...

Mia hahaha thank you! Actually the teeth was a bit rushed. Skeletor looks like he needs to get braces or have some teeth pulled out, overcrowding! hahaha

★stillFAB. said...

oh wow that's awesome! ang galing!

Anonymous said...

OMG that's pretty scary galing!! shoud've gone to the toothfairy LOL..kudos!

beauty and geekness said...

nice! :)

Elsa said...

wow sis, it looked so real! nakakatakot pa siguro kung may costume! I hope u'll win the contest! Happy Halloween!

kikayfetz said...

ANG CUTE!!!! hahaha lalo na nung nagkaroon ng ngipin! i love it!! make up palang, costume na hahaha you rock maui!

Claire Cassandra T said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clarice said...

Gosh!! you are very good doing this...

Golden said...

Oh my Gosh, you're really good at this.

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

wow ms maui!!ganda!!...well not maganda as in maganda ....pero maganda talaga..ahahah..pero hindi yung skull ah,kelan ba naging pretty ang bungo ehehe.ganda ng pagkakagawa two thumbs up

Chelle said...

deym ang galing nito! haha XD wish I could do make up as intricate as this!

p1nk1sh said...

wow, scarry, nice job!

Sarah x said...

Wow good job girl and thanks so much for entering the competition. There are only a few people who have taken the time to do looks and I really appreciate it as it's supposed to be fun!

Thanks once again and good luck for the comp xxx

*Nehs* said...


Sush said...

oh my gosh thanks everyone for all the postive feedback haha :)

@Stilfab: thanks so much!

@Louie: thanks dear! hahah

@beautyandgeekness: thanks

@Elsa: haha thank you! hope so too! :)

@fets: haha salamat! salamat! :) I love halloween! haha

@clarice: thank you!

@golden: Thank you!!

@p1nk1sh: haha thanks! :)

@Sarah x: YAY! thank you!! :)

@Nehs: thanks dear!

teeyah. said...

You scared me!!!!! :(
So effective, Maui. You're sooo gonna make children cry with that.

Sush said...

hahaha thank you Teeyah :) I dont think I want to scare children away though. I still dont know what to go as hahah


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