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Thursday, October 15, 2009

This or That

My hair gets so many raves from all of you! Thanks so much! :D Ive had long hair after that disastrous super short haircut back in 1999. And I loved it and miss it. I love curling my hair, so now that I practically have no hair, im so jealous of all of you who have long curly hair haha. I was thinking of growing it back after my last haircut, but for a change decided to cut it shorter.

But before I got all crazy with the hair cutting my hair was almost waist long. It took 5 haircuts in one year to get to this point, 1 awesome stylist who cured me of haircut anxieties, and 1 person who thinks I look awesome with or without hair. HAHA

Was looking at old photos while looking for old Halloween pictures. And found pictures of myself with long hair camwhoring haha.

What do you think is better on me? Long or Short Hair?

I look weird here but my hair was being awesome hehe

Long? (that thing im holding is a benefit leaflet I was going to give Caby btw LOL)

or short?

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Anonymous said...

You can really rock short hair, but I personally love long hair so I'm going to say long hair! :)

Lisa Kate said...

Short! You look gorgeous and have the face and body to show it off. I think the long hair makes you look sort of 'blend in the background'-ish? With the short, you look all fabulous and unique! Plus, it's gotta be like 100 times better to get ready in the morning XD

glimmeringmetal said...

omg!! you look great with short hair! which is rare! I think it depends though. Short hair seems high maintenance cause you know if you don't style it right you might end up looking like Chandler :p but the short hair is awesome


Malditang Doktora said...

Definitely short. :)

Becks said...

short, you look gorgeous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you rock the short do:)

donnarence said...

short!! i love how you look so fab sporting the short hair

glitteryeyesxx said...

Long hair, you look very mature and sophisticated!

But with shorter hair? DAMN GIRL, YOUR CHEEKBONES ARE POPPING!! =)

You seriously look good either way but it takes a certain chic girl to be able to pull it off with the short look, and that girl is you!!

Marce said...

I'm amazed by your beautiful features and complection! And I have to say, the short hair looks stunning. You're one of the few that looks absolutely breathtaking with a pixie.

Askmewhats said...

I think i'm not going to be of help with my answer, but i LOVE BOTH!!! Can you sport long and short do like every other day??? heheeh the long locks look great and romantic, while the short do gives out a really edgy chic look!!!! So it really depends on my mood..lol but only a few can rock both length and your face is pretty enough to rock both!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

i agree with ms nikki both!!!hehe..short hair looks edgy and sophisticated classy,while long hair makes you look sweet,playful..naahh im not much of a help am i?hehe..youre beautiful either way

Sush said...

@su-pah: yeah me too hehe I cant decide which one I like better heheeh

@lisa-Kate: I do agree with long hair making me just blend in with everyone else hehe thank you!

@glimmeringmetal: hahaha that made me laugh. So true, i find it takes me longer to fix my short hair than when it was long. Plus all those hair products hehe thank you!

@Malditang Doktora: thank you! :)

@Becks: thank you Becks! :D

@Jess: aww thank sweets!

@Donnarence: Thank you :D

@glittereyesxx: you are too kind, thank you!!

@Marce: and so are you! thank you sooo much!

@Nikki: Oh how I wish! hehe too bad extensions wont have anything to clip on to haha. thank you!

@Shobe: hahaha :D thank you

You guys are to sweet, you all made my day! haha thank you for the comments! :D

xeends said...

you rock maui!..=D love ur short hair!

Sush said...

thank you!!!! :D

NiƱa said...

long!! :)

Cabyness said...

Girl I remember that benefit leaflet but i almost forgot how long your hair was back then haha but in fairness you look good in both! :)

Sush said...

@Nina: I wish I could have both long and short hair at the same time haha

@Caby: haha yeah thank you! we were off to tides I think or grabbing pizza or something haha

teeyah. said...

I love love both looks especially the curls but since you look so good in short hair, take advantage of it, girl! Coz not everyone does, haha! I look siopao-ish in that hair. So go, go go for it! :D


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