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Friday, October 30, 2009

My Makeup Story

Writing a post now since im sure i wont be able to update this until I announce my giveaways winner! hehe

How did you guys start out with your fascination or obession with makeup? LOL I think there is always a turning point where you realize that Makeup = Love. haha

I wasnt so much of a Makeup freak then. Id have a few things and thats mostly because my mom would send me stuff. As long as I had the right shade foundation, concealer, eyeliner and mascara im practically good to go. Ofcourse going to the US, you cant help but go gaga over the things you dont see back home. I remember during Highschool my mom bought me this really pretty set/kit that had eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks. I think I was about 2nd year at that time. My love for makeup shortly ended, and I moved on to the next obsession. It would come back every now and then but it didnt get as crazy as it is now. I have always put on makeup on myself whenever I get bored though ( and I usually have the time, cause im an insomniac 0.0 )

Fast forward to College. Simple routine with makeup, only owned the necessary stuff. I had to join this school pageant. And was mortified at how they did my makeup. I either looked like a cadaver or a lion hahaha. I kept thinking maybe that mua was a fluke, the next one would be better. But nooo, now I have a fear of having my makeup done lol

Early Halloween Special, Click on the images to view n full size - if you dare! LOL

Dont mind the picture layout haha a friend did that.
*CRINGES* I dont even own a copy of this picture. It really scares me lol.
The bad thing was, since I won, I think they used this for the banner for the next years pageant.

So during Christmas Break in the US, I went to a MAC counter and asked the SA to do a pagent-y look haha. And ended up getting my very first M.A.C. eyeshadows (Haux, Embark, Gold Mine, Vanilla, and Charcoal Brown) And there I was fully armed and ready for the Pageant. But, again, I thought hmm maybe this MUA would do a good job. I ended up looking like a sad, dead doll. Good thing another MUA was able to fix it, but damage was done, there wasnt enough time to redo the whole thing and I was scared to fix it haha.

So after that whole ordeal, I realized I needed to learn how to confidently do my own makeup. Didnt really progress much. Just did the same neutral look over and over again. I bought a few stuff here and there but a lot of those dissapointed me so I just proceeded to the next obsession. But spending Christmas Holidays in the US really contributed much to this haha and watching Youtube Videos (Pursebuzz was the first one I found :D )

Fst Fast Forward to this year. I stayed in the US for a bit. Wanted to expand my e/s cause i was getting bored with the neutrals. Doesnt help that I got a part time job, so all my salary went into Makeup LOL it was cuhraaaazzyyy. I would try putting on makeup on everyone in the house and even got paid to do makeup on 2 people thats when I started thinking, this is a very lucrative job! hahaha kidding

What got me really into the whole "I want to do this" thing was when I had to do makeup for a shoot. My friend is a photographer and he was building his portfolio. he asked if I could be the subject lol (yeah I dont want to use the word model cause I am horrible at it! haha) So I had all the makeup, I watch tons of Youtube videos but I felt it wasnt enough. I researched on what makeup looks best on photographs, techniques and all that stuff. I spent so much time researching but didnt mind at all. I realized this is what its supposed to be. I know they always say that if you like what youre doing then its almost like youre not working at all. That was it for me!

Ive been wanting to post this picture because its my favorite. The lighting was awesome and my skin looks so nice ( thank you RCMA! lol ) It my best work yet! as a MUA that is haha took one whoole day to get this shot, seriously, posing and smiling is not my thing hahah
I was waiting for the watermark though and if it was going to be edited. But my friend/ Photog (Boiboi Alavaren --yoohoo?!!) said go ahead post it so here it is!

After the shoot, I began searching for schools. But the ones that I found were a bit too pricey. At that time too I was thinking of going to Med school too. But I didnt want to be a burden by going back to school. So I squashed the Make up school dream and the Med School dream.

A few months after starting this blog, I got into beauty blogging and also got my friend Caby into it. It's completely different to have all of you to gush over makeup and a friend I always see who has gotten as insane as I am haha. She eventually found LCI and to make the story short we enrolled yesterday and are about to begin our Makeup School Adventure. hahaha.

I know this is a super long post. Kudos to you if you read this from start to end! Give yourself a pat on the back hahaha. So that is it! Very excited to share with you guys our experience at LCI! :D Have a safe and fun weekend everyone. Im excited to see Halloween pictures!

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Nina said...

Good luck with makeup school! I'm sure it will be a blast! :)

Sush said...

Thank you Nina :)

teeyah. said...

Oh wow. The second photo is breathtaking! :) Good luck with LCI, Maui. :) I'm sure you and Caby will emerge honor students in there or something. I'm hoping to read about your adventures. Yay! :)

The NeuroChiq said...

Goodluck to you & Caby, I wish to enroll in makeup school one day, but for now, I'll wait for your posts about it ayt? I'm sure it'll be exciting! =)

Cabyness said...

Kudos to you for brave posting your vogue image hahaha school is going to be fun!! yayyyy

alittlebitofevrything said...

your photographs are gorgeous! funny comment on the mua phobia tho :)

i'm still in my beginning stages of building my makeup collection (its pretty basic at this point) but it was nice to read about how you came to love makeup yourself.

great blog!

Pammy said...

You look gorgeous on that photo, Sush. :P

Good luck with make up school. I'll wait for Caby and your posts about LCI. I'm sure it'll help me with make up school decision. :D

Sush said...

@Teeyah: Thank you Teeyah :) hahaha

@Dang: Thank you, will definitely update my blog about how it goes :)

@Cabyness: hahaha its an early Halloween treat! it is! it is! cant wait!

@Jimin: Thank you. Hahaha yeah it was pretty scary.

@Pammy: Thank you dear! Oh I hope so, sayang sana we couldve all gone together. the more the merrier and crazier hahaha

Camille said...

Me too. I can say that I'm a late bloomer. I just learned how to put on blush and lip gloss when I was in 2nd year College! haha. But now I "almost" have everything in my kit. Doing make ups is really fun and creative. :)

Love your posts. Added you up in my blog list.

Btw, I'm also an RN and a make up junkie.. haha

Carine said...

I started to love makeup when i discovered makeup gurus on youtube ^^ Thanks pursebuzz and xsparkage ^^

Cindy M. Chan said...

I wish you luckkk!!!
Ohh my goshh you are
one stunning ladyyy:P
Take caree missy!!

~Lisa said...

You looked gorgeous in that shoot! And congratz on getting into Makeup School. Good luck there! ^.^

♥ mia said...

goodluck and have fun in makeup school! :) *inggit ako* hahaha

that 2nd photo is sooo lovely :)

Sush said...

I will! I will! :) thank you Mia ♥ :)

Sush said...

@camille: ohh wow we have a lot of things in common then haha

@Carine: yeah I dont know how I found pursebuzz but im glad I did :)

@Cindy: Aw you are too sweet, thank you!

@Lisa: Thank you!! :)

xeends said...

i really2 like this pic..you look great maui..=D

Anna said...

I think most of us realized that we should how to put make up since we're often disappointed with mua's. I often looked unpleasant whenever I hire and pay mua to do my make up. Especially when they use heavy lipstick that doesn't really compliment the eyes.


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