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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Local Makeup

I am not a brand snob or anything, but Ive noticed that on most of my eotd's (if not all) I only use M.A.C. eye shadows. I like M.A.C. because of the color range. Not just for eyeshadows but powders and foundations as well. But if I had all the money in the world, Id probably spend it on other brands too. I choose brands that work and dont just buy things because of the name. Like, I dont have foundation from M.A.C. because the formula doesnt work for me, it breaks me out. I like UDPP but fgured id get more with a paint pot.

Anyhoo, which brings me to the a few items I purchased recently. I went to The Enterprise Center Beauty Luxe Sale with Caby and also met Jaimie! =) I didnt really find anything that perked my interest. But as we were leaving, we passed by the Ever Bilena Stall. They had some products there and everything was P100 only (around $2). Figured id get a few things and try them out.

Blushes, Foundation, Palettes and Lipstick. (That brush was from Landmark 29.75 only! hehe)

The biggest surprise was the lipstick. They are quite nice. The first one doesnt have a name but its a Nude matte lipstick. I like the color, but its very drying. Best to use with something under. The 2 other lipsticks are Pro longwear in Destiny and Cherish. Destiny is pinky brown while Cherish is a bright red pink lipstick.

Swatches: No flash and With Flash (Matte Nude Lipstick, Pro longwear Cherish and Destiny)

Whay you should buy it:
-Good pigmentation and color payoff
-Cheap! hehe Im not sure how much this is regularly but I got mine for 100 each only
- The pro long wear lipstick are very creamy

What you should consider:
- Exfoliate lips with a toothbrush before using. The matte lipstick is especially drying and accentuates lines and peeling lips.
-Cherish (the bright red pink) kinda stains? I applied it and removed it within a minute and I noticed that my lips had a red tinge to it still (that might be a good thing, if you like red lips hehe)
-The pro long wear lipsticks are creamy and have a tendency to bleed or smudge, best to use with a lip pencil and blot on a tissue paper.

I also got to try the eyeshadows that came with the palette. And I think theyre worth trying. Its very powdery/chalky but the color pay off is really good. I think its even better than the Coastal Scents e/s. But heres what it looks like 7 hours later. After being under the sun and commuting haha. I used UDPP as primer and it did kind of fade away a bit and creased. I still like it anyway.

Will post a review on the other things I got soon!

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Becky (everyday makeup) said...

girl, i was just commenting on a fellow blogger that I really wanted to try some ever bilena products. They look really pretty!

lindah said...

I'm not much of a mac snob :D I think I will become more of a mac user later in the future :) haha, but for now, I use all sorts of brands ^_^

and I love the deal I got with everything I got.. haha, I guess that's the asian in me! xD

Sush said...

@Becky: oh wow haha I think they are worth trying :) I am sure they dont have it there though right? hehe ask caby to bring some ever bilena stuff when she goes there LOL :)

@Lindah: haha yeah, me too love good deals! Im quite limited to using a few things and dont get to try out other brands because id rather get the ones that I know will work than experiment (cause I really cant afford to as of the moment) haha

~Kymmy~ said...

I love MAC and mostly use MAC because of the discount I get. It cost less for me to buy from MAC than to buy most drug store brands.

Sush said...

@kymmy: Lucky you!! :) hehe I wish I got discounts too, id be the happiest girl in the world lol

Nina said...

I had a bad experience with EB's lipsticks. The one I bought had a plastic smell and stung my lips when I applied it. Of course I emailed the company about it and nobody replied.

Sush said...

@Nina: aww thats too bad :/ hayy whats new, customer service in the philippines kinda sucks. so sorry to hear about that

* Jen * said...

Great buys! =) Too bad I didn't get to check out the EB stall when I was in Enterprise. Would've loved to check out the lipsticks.

Sush said...

@Jen: hehe its near Dior's stall. I actually wouldnt really pay much attention to it, but im slowly kinda buying stuff for makeup school so figured id try a few of their things. too bad I didnt see you there!

Cheryl♥ said...

I'm not a makeup snob I just buy what I like and that's usually MAC products. I'm not a big fan of their foundations though so I'd rather get a drugstore (Revlon) or a department store (MUFE) than buy one of theirs. I did like their Tinted Moisturizer until they discontinued it :(

Sush said...

@Cheryl: yeah thats true. I get M.A.C. mostly because I love the color range and the payoff is good too. The foundations, though I like the finish, it just doesnt sit too well on my sking. I like the revloon colorstay too but I just found out that in my country they have about 5 shades only and theyre mostly really really light :/ I have yet to try MUFE (kinda pricey for a jobless girl haha)but I like RCMA and just cut it with a moisturizer, coverage is insanely good :)

donnarence said...

what everything for 100?? sigh,, love the haul dear.. wish i was there..

Sush said...

@Donnarence: yeah it was crazy. And I think they had more stuff on the second day. foundations, blushes, lipsticks and palettes all for 100

xeends said...

wow they are worth trying pla..hehe and it's cheap..nice post..:)

Sush said...

Hehehe yeah they are, Thanks Cindy :)


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