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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shiva Diva

Attempted to copy another M.A.C. Halloween Face Chart. This is my absolute favorite! But I dont think I'll go as Shiva this Halloween haha. I just remembered, Heidi Klum went as Shiva last year. Her costume was insane! Here is a link to a couple of Photos of Heidi last year: LINK. I still dont know what to wear on Haloween

Anyhoo, I just needed something to do to kill time. Didnt want to fall asleep too early and wake up at 4 am again. So decided to try and copy the Shiva Diva Face Chart. hehe. This is the second time ive walked out of my room and shocked my brother. Atleast he got it though, he just said wow shiva? haha

Please click on Images to view in Full Size :D

M.A.C. Face Chart (Shiva Diva) for inspiration
Source: The Makeup Snob

Moi with covered eyebrows. This look always amuses me hahaha.
Eyebrows covered with elmers glue, rcma in ko3 rcma setting powder (did this twice)

Halfway I realized that I look green instead of Blue haha must be the undertones I guess?
Used M.A.C. Chrome Yellow, Clarity and Blue Edge? Re-draw eyebrows using powder just to have an outline.

Cameras Flash made the blush look softer. I used Ever Bilena in Shy and Everyday. They were perfect for this because its super pigmented!

Tried drawing the forehead details with cream liner and a brush, but the liner was a bit dry. So I used a regular liquid eyeliner to fix it. Eyebrows: Kajal Wet n Wild eyeliner

Didnt have a lipstick that was close to the one in the facechart. I just mixed a bunch of lipstuff until I got that hahaha

Difficulty: 3.5 out of 5
You have to be really patient with this if youre using powder to paint the face.
Plan ahead? Map out your face. You can make a blue cream or mix some shavings of blue e/s with a mixing medium or fix spray this will make the painting easier. Blend the edges well ( I know i didnt) if you need to cover your eyebrows and redraw them practice drawing on a piece of paper. I really have a hard time making both my eyebrows look the same haha, took a while to get them to look fairly decent. Try out the blue e/s youre using on a part of your face before painting all over. I used clarity and if I didnt pack it thickly it almost looked green (yellow undertone i guess?) So i ended up looking a little too blue haha

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teeyah. said...

Grabe! You're so talented with this! I can't wait what you finally decide to be on Halloween :)

Rai said...

Amazing! I remember when Heidi dressed up as that. She always has the most amazing Halloween Costumes.

Sylvia said...

Wow! you hit the nail on the head! excellent work!

Cabyness said...

NICE!!!!!! Really nicee!!! :) Good job! :)

Becks said...

wow awesome job! if i tried, it'll probably end up asymmetrical lol!

Sush said...

@Teeyah: Thank you! I'll probably go as something simple hehe or at last much simpler

@Rai: Thanks. Yeah she does, I think she also hosts a Halloween party every year hehe

@Sylvia: Thank you =)

@Cabyness: Want to go as Shiva? haha thanks! :)

@Becks: Thank you! Mine was too hehehe

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Wow you did such a great job! I can't believe that you only rated this a 3.5 out of 5! I would've probably rated it a 10 out of 5, LOL!

Sush said...

Thanks Dana! haha it isnt as hard as it looks like just time consuming i was getting bored halfway lol

pangie said...

this is breathtaking! you did such a beautiful job! btw, i'm following you now.

Katrina said...

Wow that is so cool! It looks amazing! So pretty! Good job hun!

Sush said...

@Pangie: Aww dear thanks! :)

@Katrina! Thank you!! :D

*~kAy~* said...

I think you pulled it off! <3 very cool how your brother even knew you were trying to look like shiva! :P

those Heidi Klum pictures looks crazy! Such a great costume! I wonder how she was able to move around haha :P

charchar said...

wow ang ganda! living shiva! nabuhay! hehehehe! ang galing!

Sush said...

@Kay: thanks! haha. Yeah, i love her costume though people should be like a meter from you or something. I can mgine, she kept hitting so many people with her fake arms haha

@Charchar: haha thank you!

// krissy ♥ said...

this is awesome! :)

Sush said...

Thank you Krissy :)

Tish said...


Sush said...

Thank you Tish! :D

Golden said...

Wow, it looked pretty and err, difficult. :D Now I know how you cover the brows. Thanks for the tip. :)


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