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Friday, October 16, 2009

Charcoal Mask

Ive been seeing a lot of raves about the Charcoal Mask. I heard it sells like pancakes, so when I decided to drop by Saizen this afternoon I was expecting I wouldnt find any. I went straight to the beauty section and saw a couple who were holding a some tubes. They all look the same btw (the cream cleanser and the others), and my heart sank when I saw that they were holding the cream cleanser. I decided to get the Charcoal soap instead, and saw 3 tubes of Charcoal mask! I grabbed all 3 and the couple looked at me, as I was walking away the girl said "hun, that was what I was looking for" hahaha oh well. Sorry :D haha meanie. You never know when it will be in stock again. I know someone just had 24 tubes from the latest shipment reserved, so it must be good!

I got a Charcoal Soap from Saizen too (heard its good, will post a review after ive tried it) and two oil blotter films from beauty bar (it was on sale for P15 each!) and my 3 lovely babies :D

Im not japanese, so I dont know what the tube says. I can only read "Natural Pack" and "Masque". Here are some other reviews on it, if youre interested click HERE and HERE.

SCARY!!! haha

So I tried it as soon as I got home *excited little me*. It would've been nice to have English instructions but I just followed the instructions from the review
"About the application – don’t stinge. A thin layer won’t work, especially if it’s been diluted with water. Wash your face first, pat it almost free of water, but make sure it isn’t totally dry or dripping wet. For even better results, steam your pores open (stand over a basin of boiling water and steam). Squirt a generous amount of the liquid mask on any blackhead-infested area, smudge it evenly, and make it quick as it dries quite quickly. And then you wait. I’ve tried sitting in front of a fan, which helps speed up the drying process. Do not smile, talk, frown, or twitch a muscle on your face, or you’ll break the mask. The “cracks” aren’t visible, but it means areas like the side of your nostrils aren’t in contact with the mask any more. Make sure the mask is totally dry (your face feels like it’s been cast in cement), then peel it off. I don’t have any specific rule on which direction to peel, as long as it’s off your face. You can wash off any residue with water, or you’ll be walking around with an outline of the mask. Enjoy feeling fascinated by the amount of muck stuck to the peeled mask."

Here's what I think: I love it! You have to wait until its completely dry. If you peel it when its still moist it wont work. It dries up and has this rough texture. It took close to 40 minutes to dry up! but I applied it very thickly. If only my camera could pick up the nasty little dirt it was able to take off i'd show you haha. Its a bit of a pain to remove but I absolutely love it. Be careful not to get this on your eyebrows, cause it can grab on to the little hairs on your face and pull it off. I got some on my eyebrows, I just made sure not to pull it. I just washed it away after Ive peeled everything off. Also make sure you apply a thick layer otherwise, it will be difficult to remove. I actually like the peeling off part (it might be painful to some) so test it before applying on your entire face. But my face feels so smooth and feels like my pores are tighter.

Why you should buy it:

-It removed blackheads and all the dirt that accumulated -Does not sting when ou apply it
-Mild scent and nothing annoying -It works better than anything ive tried.

What you should consider:
-Uhm youre face will be black for a few minutes? haha I really have no complains about it

You can get this at Daiso (those Japanese stores) in the Philippines you can only get this at Saizen in Robinson's Galleria. It sells for 85 but its always, always, always out of stock. Resellers sell this baby for atleast 100 to as much as 350!! I will definitely repurchase! I only hope I get my hands on some again next time hehe.

Since I got 3, Im throwing in one for my giveaway, so join if you still haven't! :D

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Soapaholic said...

"I grabbed all 3 and the couple looked at me, as I was walking away the girl said "hun, that was what I was looking for" hahaha oh well. Sorry :D" -- Hahaha. Victory!:P

Sush said...

Hahaha yes! but that was mean haha

♥ mia said...

u snooze u lose! haha jk

i shall attempt to find this nga hehe

Cabyness said...

Isn't the peeling off part fun? :)

Sush said...

@Mia: Finders keepers! hahaha I got the last ones, I think you can go there and have some reserved? :)

@Caby: yes it is, as long as you apply it thick. I tried to start peeling off the parts where I applied it thinly, it wouldnt budge haha

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

amazing" thanks so much for posting, want to try this out!

fab blog, we'll be back!
Come follow TBAG
we have an amazing beauty giveaway! :)

Have a lovely weekend xx

*~kAy~* said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome mask :) I've never seen this before...
i like your sexy mask face ;)

Hana aka acutelife said...

OH I saw this mask yesterday!!!! I was wondering "what a cute black face lady" lolz next time I see it I will buy!!

Niña said...


tina said...

thanks for stopping my page. I cannot wait to get my braces off. I used to procrastinate about getting it until one day I was just so tire of seeing everyone with their beautiful smile after getting braces and it motivated me to get it. I think I known too many people who had braces and thats why I did it. lol

You shouldn't wait if its going to give you satisfaction at the end.

Love your page...

Love, Sweetcheeks said...

you so make me want this mask now. i saw this at daiso before but was so scared to try it. now i wish i had!

Sush said...

@the beautiful and glammed: thank you! :) will do!

@kay: scary face mask hahah you can find it daiso stores :)

@Hana: yes you must! hehe

@Nina: Definately must try. I cant wait to use it again haha

@Tina: Thanks dear! yeah I know I should, but I keep telling myself that ohh I could do without it for a few months. Next year, hopefully haha not really looking forward to it though. Hope it takes like a year only heheh

@Sweetcheeks: haha you should! next time you see it, grab one! :)

Fifi said...

Nice blog! I don't know why I wasn't subscribed to you yet.

I really want to try this mask but I'm afraid it's not available here. Bummer. I guess this works like the Shiseido black mask I tried the other day. But this has the cutest packaging!

Sush said...

@Fifi: aww thats so sweet! thank you! =) Its possible that this is a dupe of that hehe. Yeah it is cute! :) but the black faced girl on the tube is only a sticker that easily comes off hehe

anna said...

I love this mask! I love Daiso (or Saizen, as it's called in the Phils) too! Plus, they're a little bit cheaper here in Singapore too. They used to run out fast here as well, but it seems that they do a pretty good job stocking up here now, because I saw an entire shelf filled with them the other day. Yay!

Carla ignored me when I showed it to her early this year, but I'm glad I finally got her using it now! HAHAHA!

Sush said...

Hi anna! =) haha yeah she told me she tried yours after she couldnt find any at Galleria! I suppose they will have more of it soon (i hope? haha). It was a little crazy that it was out of stock same day it arrived haha :D


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