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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Personal - Filipinos

A long non Makeup Post. If youre a Filipino, please read.

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After Typhoon Ondoy/Ketsana hit the Philippines, it was overwhelming to see the Filipinos come together as one. Filipinos were all united and tried their best to help those who were badly hit by the storm. What was more touching was that most people who really tried to do so much for the victims were victims as well. I was one of the lucky ones, who wasnt really affected by the storm or the flood. But citizens all over Manila, Rich, Poor, Famous, they werent spared by the storm. It just goes to show that Calamities like these dont really choose who theyre going to affect. You may have a dozen cars, a really nice house but that wont save you from when Earth has had enough.

After the storm, I was still a bit disapointed seeing so many people still throwing trash out their car windows, still littering all over the place. What is it going to take? Little things that we do, affect everyone in such a big way and we fail to realize that. That no matter how small our actions are, they do have a big impact on not just ourselves but everyone else.

People from all over the world who felt helpless did their best to help out those in need in our country. One group, The krewtons from Las Vegas, had a clothing drive for the Filipinos. It was organized by my friend Mara Yulo (she actually has a blog, here is the LINK) and a simple plan turned into a huge thing where not just Filipinos came to help out and donate but as well as other Americans who were touched by what had happened and to their pleas to help out. They were on the news too which helped to bring more people to come help and donate. But there were some who thought that they were just after media coverage. I mean really, what are they gona get out of that? Its just typical Crab Mentality.

Another thing, because the drive was succesful, they got sponsors. So all the boxes which they originally planned to send out themselves with their own money were supposed to be shipped by LBC for free. Buuutt, the government has put a ban on Clothing donations not directed to DSWD. Well its really more of the government charging them taxes if they dont send them to DSWD which is a department of the Government here in the Philippines. Which is kind of unfair, because they are already helping and they are putting a limit on those who want to help.

I see the point that they want to limit those who will take advantage of the tax free thingy at the Customs. But I think the smarter way to go about it is to have Non Profit Organizations register or something just so they have a list of organizations or people where donations can be sent to. Id understand why Filipinos abroad are hesitant to forward their donations to the Government. I just think at this time, we need all the help we can get. We definitely cant rely on the government to fill all the needs of our people as of the moment. Calamity fund for example, from 200 Billion is now 100 million. I dont even want to start thinking about where that money went.

Its just very sad that there are still some people who try to take advantage and try to make a profit when they are the ones who should really be leading us to progress.


Im not sure if you can access the videos, but here are the links:

Krewtons Clothing Drive

Krewtons Featured on the News

And more about Filipinos. Girl Talk is an online beauty community for the Filipinos much like makeupalley. Apparently there are some girls who made a group and an account on Multiply where they bash on other members and ridicule them. I dont even know what to say about it, because well take a look at their pictures....

If you are perfect, then by all means, go ahead and criticize other people. But no one is perfect. These are the type of people that our country dont need. These are the people that hinder us from progressing. I just really dont get it. Its quite sad having to need to bring down other people to feel good about yourself.

Anyway, Aika from Diary of a Recessionista told me about this and asked me to repost it. She was one of those who were made fun of, ridiculed and bashed by these girls. The only thing I see is that, they must be jealous of something. Sometimes when we are different, when we stand out this causes people to react a negative way. I guess its normal, but to go out of your way, just to bring them down is really pathetic.

To read more about this you can check out Aikas blog. You can find her post over here LINK

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- - aika - - said...

when we are different, when we stand out < love it :D

Sush said...

Hehehe =) Aika, its true diba. Most people are jealous of people who are not like everyone else. Because they conform too much they are not happy. So they are jealous of those who do their own thing

Jbreezybaby said...

Philippine government is absolutely ridiculous.. kurakot. Its sad how much filipinos are well educated yet professions such as doctors/nurses are not being paid enough and they have no choice but to go abroad in order to support there family. im mean if doctors are turning into nurses here in the US (i know a couple) imagine how hard it will be for someone who is not even at the same level of profession as doctors/lawyers etc. It makes me mad really.This is the time where everyone should ACT as one and help each other out.. not take advantage of all the goodies they are getting.

LMAO @ GIRLTALK. I dont even know what to say... thats funny as hell. If I was made fun by a girl who is 1000000x uglier, how can I be offended? Jealousy is a bitch :D

p1nk1sh said...

i know thats right!

Sush said...

Yeah I know a couple too. hayy I wonder when that will ever change. Theyre even asking for the Pork Barrel to be used to help the victims and rebuild the areas affected. Pork barrel is the money allotted for senators and congressmen, uhm yeah I doubt theyd agree to that haha KURAKOT

Jannie said...

hey. thanks for stopping by my blog. sorry it took me a while to get back to you.

it's very touching to hear how citizens come together as one during a calamity. i'm just very sorry to hear about the damage and loss that resulted from it. i hope and pray that the people affected will be able to rebuild soon.

i'm glad to hear you're safe. take care. :)

M :) said...

Awwww Maui! <3 I was browsing through your stuff when my insomnia blues started and I saw this! I wish I knew this sooner. :)

Well, you know we sent it all 151 boxes and I know we will do it again if it's needed. Thank you miming!!! I <3 you.


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