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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

No posts lately, been a little busy. Heres what i've been doing :)


Wee! Thats our School Receipt! Me and Caby went to LCI today and got ourselves enrolled! Starting makeup school next Saturday. Im so excited and cant wait to start. We aslo went around today to look for last minute Halloween stuff and help finish off Caby's Halloween Costume. Fangs are out of stock! Crazy! Everyone wants to be a vampire this year! haha I still cant decide what to go as, I might just go as myself lol.

Still excited about Halloween though, Im going to do makeup on 4 or 5 people? And they're all somewhat ambitious attempts haha. Ive tried some but I wont post the pictures yet. They dont look as nice as Id want them to yet. So wait for the Halloween pictures! :)

Yesterday, went to this go see where the agents and the clients were 2 hours late!! We went in early so we could go home before the rush hour traffic. And to our surprise, the place was empty except for the staff who were cleaning the place haha. So I thought okay theyre a bit late, they'd get here soon. But man, I didnt think it was going to take them 2 hours to start the thing. I just dont get it, they gave the time frame shoudnt they be able to follow it? But thats nothing new anyway

At a bar at 1pm! geez hahaha

Anyway, my giveaway is ending soon! Join if you still havent. You have until midnight of october 31st (Philippines time). I'll announce the inner on November 1 as soon as I wake up.......hahaha

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Chelle said...

congrats on your make up school! =) tell me how it goes! ^.^

Askmewhats said...

enjoy makeup school :) :) :)

Angela said...

congrats. please keep us updated on how makeup school goes. It must be so fun to go to school to do makeups.


Sush said...

@Chelle: Thanks Dear, will do :)

@Nikki: Thank you! Im sure we will hehee

@Angela: Thank you, will update my blog wee! Its a short course (8 sessions) It wouldve been lovelier if it was like 50 or something hahaha

~Lisa said...

Congratz on getting into makeup school! Share us the tips you get! LOL

xeends said...

goodluck on ur makeup school..=D


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