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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Fun day!

Was with friends yesterday to reshoot scenes from last sunday and for a new shoot for another video. I cant tell you how excited I am, both the videos are going to turn up awesome! Ill post the links to them as soon as theyre up, and help my friend win the contest and vote! hehe anyway im getting a little ahead of myself.

Here are a few pictures from the shoot yesterday. Caby was there too and she did the makeup for the lead actor and actress this time. And it was amazing to see everything come together. Especially the gown that was made of haha curtains and tablecloths. With everyones effort we all manged to make her look like a bride. i felt like I was actually going to be a at a wedding yesterday haha. More pictures to follow, here are some from my phone

Blushing Bride? hehe

Put pearls to cover the dozens of hair pins we used to attach the "veil" haha

Making the Wedding Gown


Haha watching the videos from Sunday :D

Quiet on the set! Rolling..Action! lol

..anddd SQUID! haha Thanks Direk! hahaha

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Ida said...

cool you got to work on a video! :)

LOLanne said...

lol that pic of the squid was sooo random it actually made me laugh out loud :P

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

oh wow...that looks fun. =)

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

wow, the bride looks so lovely! ^^
and the squid, hmm.. yummy!! ^^

Askmewhats said...

aww that looks fun! :) shoots are tiring but it's fun to be part of it no??? MORE MORE MORE :)

Sush said...

@Ida: yeah thanks to a friend heheh

@anne: I know right hahahah it was the highlight of my day haha j/k

@Mel: it was :)

@Ceecille: yay thanks hehe and yes verry! :)

@Nikki: yes it was :) hopefully!? please? hehehe

~Lisa said...

Aww, it looked fun!! The bride looks gorgeous!! ^^

And that's so creative of you guys to make a wedding gown out of CURTAINS & TABLECLOTHS! Like, WOAH!!

Elsa said...

sis this pictorial is such fun.. the bride looked real and the gown, it aint looked like a curtain to me!

The NeuroChiq said...

I miss doing videos back in college and in my first job =[

Looks so much fun! I hope to see the final vid, I'm sure it's great! Good job on the makeshift wedding dress =D

Sush said...

@Lisa: thanks! hehe the stylists were resourceful and amazing :)

@Elsa: yeah I really felt like I was going to be at a wedding. fun fun! :)

@Dang: ohhh sounds like fun job! and yeah very reminiscent of college hehehe. Will post it when its up on the site! wee thanks1

The NeuroChiq said...

@ Maui: I was with a PR/Ad agency before, it was hell lot of fun, but I lost gazillions of sleeping hours too!!! LOL. Those were the days...

Will wait for the post =) Muah*

Sush said...

awww yeah the people in the shoot are commarts people. And it does sound sooo fun! Will post it asap haha :)

Cabyness said...

Yayyy@ Welcome to our world Maui! Next thing you know you will be speaking in jargons just like us :)

teeyah. said...

Congrats on the video, Maui :) can't wait to see the final video :) Please, please share with us? :)

Kudos on the gown, too. Very, very creative. And very very Comm Arts :)

Sush said...

@cabyness: hahaha :)

@Teeyah: Will do! finally saw the videos yesterday. Me and cabs will post the links up once its up! wee! :) Thanks Teeyah


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